Keri Hilson and Ricardo Lockette call it Quits

This past summer singer and actress Keri Hilson popped up on Instagram with a new man by her side: former NFL player Ricardo Lockette. 

People were surprised by the pairing considering Hilson said, after the end of her relationship with Serge Ibaka, that she was no longer dating rappers, actors, and ball players. Hilson said she broke her rule for Ibaka and it seems she did the same thing for Lockette.

And from the looks of a few of their recent interactions on social media, it would appear that things didn’t work out.

The speculation about their breakup began with this Instagram post from Ricardo.

Y’all know what it is. It’s not always the picture it’s the caption. And in it, Lockette talks about new beginnings and wishing “beautiful” the best. Even more telling is that he tagged The Shade Room, Baller Alert, MTV and the NFL in the post, a simple inspirational quote.

Later, Hilson tweeted this out for the public.

She could have been speaking about a variety of things. And considering the fact that the two were on good terms just five days earlier, it’s shocking to believe things could go so far downhill so fast but it’s life

Lockette then retweeted her tweet saying this.

It really made it official that they broke up after his last response. An “lol” is probably one of the most disrespectful thing to say when someone is trying to be serious.

Hopefully, they both find happiness as they separate paths and maybe Keri Hilson will be done dating rappers, athletes, and actors.

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