“1,2, STOP” Ciara Receives Major Backlash Over Marriage Message

Ciara, the catchy singer, dancer, model, mom, and now the wife of Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson has come under fire this week for a video she shared on Twitter and captioned ‘Level Up.’ Many people weren’t happy about her sharing a controversial sermon by Pastor John Gray in the tweet. The sermon gives advice to single women and let’s just say, the single ladies weren’t having it.

Many are criticizing the snippet as being misogynistic and are arguing that men need to stop trying to give advice to single women. It’s hard to tell if the advice, based on scripture, is meant to condemn women or really reaffirm them to do as the caption says and level up. The message seems to indicate that women need to be looking for husbands, not boyfriends. Either way, the congregation of social media wasn’t having it.

Here’s a piece of the sampled sermon:

“Here’s what the scripture says: He that finds a wife finds a good thing. It didn’t say he that finds a girl that he’s attracted to, who he then begins to date, who he then calls his girlfriend, who he then buys a ring, proposes, and makes her his fiancee, who he then marries later, who becomes his wife. You’re not a wife when I marry you; you’re a wife when I find you.”

O.K., so there are a few things that can be argued here. Radio personalities Charlemagne and DJ Envy took to their radio show, The Breakfast Club, to challenge the sermon by saying that everyone might not know when they meet someone if they truly want to marry them and that dating is a “process.” But, isn’t it true that a man knows when he sees a woman what his intentions are with her? That’s what some people who agree with the sermon’s message are saying.

Despite the validity of its message, comedienne and TV personality Loni Love voiced her opinion on the sermon on her show The Real and mentioned that the problem a lot of Black women have, especially those in the ‘projects’ and in communities of color is that mass incarceration has led to a disparity of the male to female ratios in these places. Loni makes a good point, but who else thinks that the whole thing is a little blown out of proportion? *Raises hand.

Ciara, who has been best known for her raunchy dance moves and songs in the past, seems to be enjoying her role as a housewife after ending her tumultuous relationship with rapper Future. The two have engaged in heated social media rants about each other and some lengthy court battles. The two have a son together affectionately nicknamed Baby Future. Many people have criticized Ci Ci (Ciara’s nickname) for forgetting her roots and have questioned her dating past on social media. Ciara’s own level up, or glow up seems to have taken her from trap queen to housewive and honestly, we ain’t mad at her.

The singer seems happier than ever and we are here for new music from her whenever she gets back into the studio! What’re your thoughts on the ‘level up’ tweet?

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