Bigger Than Basketball: The Sacramento Kings Are Starting An Education Fund For Stephon Clark Children

The Sacramento Kings Are establishing an education fund for Stephon Clark kids. Stephon Clark was a, 22 year old, black man who was gunned down by the police in his grandmother backyard. He was shot at 20 times and 8 bullets hit him, 7 of those bullets hit him in the back. Police shot at him because they thought he was breaking into cars stealing belongings from other people.

The Kings organization also will create a multi-year plan in partnership with Build. Black. to support the education of young people – providing workplace preparation and economic tools needed to build an effective future.

The Sacramento Kings owner is trying to be a man of his word. What Vivek said after the [March 22nd] game wasn’t all talk. The Kings are stepping in to help build their community.

The organization’s effort begins Friday, March 30, when Vince Carter, Temple and Christie join ‘Kings and Queens Rise: A Youth Voice Forum for Healing’ at the South Sacramento Christian Church.

The group will be part of a panel of powerful voices in the community helping to facilitate an open dialogue, and ultimately healing.


Do y’all think more NBA Teams should take more action like the Sacramento Kings when it comes to officers gunning down black men and women?

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