50 Cent Announces The 6 Season Of Power Will Be The Final Season

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@lelaloren

50 Cent is shutting down “Power” after this upcoming season but plans to do a couple of spin offs for the show in the near future. He just wants to end the series on a high note because he sees classic shows run themselves into the ground(Game Of Thrones Season 8 in my opinion).

The last season of Power will have 15 episodes which the series usually averages around 10 episodes in the previous 5 seasons. This will be major lost to Starz because “Power” is their number one show. It’s their breadwinner right now.

50 Cent character, Kanan Stark, died last season so don’t expect to see him this last season. He allegedly killed himself off to focus on the other series he is doing with Starz. 50 Cent signed an 8-figure deal with Starz back in 2017 to bring 3 more projects to life, and the contract runs through this September.

Expect some of your favorite characters to die this last season of “Power.”

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