Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Spoilers: RIP MISSANDEI

Photo Courtesy of Helen Sloan/@HBO

After the most epic battle in film history since Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s assembled forces turns toward King’s Landing for the final battle against Cersei Lannister.

Dany takes flight on Drogon with Rhaegal flying alongside her. Arya takes off as she has her own score to settle with Cersei. Jon leads the bulk of the forces on land and a smaller force travels by sea with Missandei and Grey Worm.

Unfortunately, Euron Greyjoy is waiting for them. His naval force is waiting for them and not only do they shoot down and kill Rhaegal, Euron captures Missandei as well and takes her to King’s Landing and, thus, to Cersei. When Dany arrives at King’s Landing, Tyrion is permitted to attempt to negotiate with Cersei, but he fails and in that Missandei’s fate is sealed. Cersei orders the Mountain to behead Missandei. Grey Worm looks away, but Dany watches and as the episode ends, her face is painted in what can only be described as cold rage.

While there has already been quite a bit of tragic death in Game of Thrones this season, Missandei’s is particularly gut-wrenching. After being liberated by Dany back in Season 3, Missandei has been not only a trusted advisor but Dany’s closest friend. Missandei’s loyalty to Dany has never wavered and even in the end remains strong with Missandei not even shedding a tear as she stands awaiting her death. With Dany having lost Jorah in the Battle of Winterfell and now Rhaegal, Missandei’s death is likely to hit the Dragon Queen hard.

Dany will most likely rain hell on King’s Landing for the death of her dragon and Missandei. Next week episode has the same director for the Hardhome and the battle of last week episode against the WhiteWalkers. Notice that they didn’t give any details about the battle next week in the preview. Expect next week to be the most epic battle in the entire Game of Thrones series.


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