Brandon Webber Was Shot Over 20 Times While Being In Handcuffs By US Marshall

Brandon Webber murdered in Memphis last night by US Marshall’s, supported by MPD. The community is devastated AGAIN. He was killed in his front lawn and was reportedly shot 16 to 20 times while being in handcuffs.

This is fucking disgusting the man is in handcuffs he shouldn’t of have been shot at in the first place let alone 20 times. The US Marshall wanted to end this boy life.

US Marshall also left his body there instead of calling ambulance to possibly save this young man life.

Riots broke out and over 20 cops were injured last night. I truly don’t believe injuring other cops and destroying are communities is the way to go but we must hold these law enforcement officials and justice system accountable for their reckless actions. This keeps happening in America and this shit has to stop.

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