Maurice Hill Arrested For Shooting 6 Philadelphia Police Officers

This is the man allegedly responsible for shooting 6 Philadelphia police officers today. The standoff lasted 8 hours. Thankfully no civilians were hurt. The 6 officers shot have ALL been released from the hospital.

Maurice Hill likely had a troubled life. Struggled as a youth, a few wrong turns. Environmental disparities in that area may be a culprit. Residents have a 20 yr shorter life expectancy. Let’s discuss this like we do white men that shoot up Walmart,schools, food festivals, and bars.

Some residents in that area struggle with cognitive impairment due to various issues, many environmental and related to systemic poverty. The trash alone keeps the children sick and the roaches keep the asthma rates higher than other areas

It’s also 1 of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, despite recent efforts to revitalize (*cough*). The violence is almost daily which traumatizes people. Perpetual trauma can lead to psychological degradation, if that makes sense.

“Nutty” and “Nut ass” as Philly slang…well

Why the guns?

Why not? Pennsylvania is a gun-loving state and the NRA should be championing his right to own guns especially since you don’t need a permit if the guns are in your house or Business. Now did he buy them legally? IDK

Seems to me the police went into his house to serve a warrant and they got shot while in his house. Maybe he was freaked out and rushed to protect and defend his house.

Maybe he just snapped and had a psychotic break. That seems like the lost likely explanation, considering he wouldn’t say anything when they called him on the phone. Maybe he was unable to communicate due to his mental state at the time. We don’t know.

But of course because a few officers were grazed with bullets they’re going to make a huge spectacle about him being a “cop killer” on a mission to take down the same police department that bombed a Black family’s home with kids inside and maintained a racist FB group.

Doesn’t seem like he had any intention of harming civilians or even police. Like many hostage or stand-off situations, he may have felt threatened and lacking in some way. Maybe they should dig into that more. What needs of his weren’t being met?

And that, good people, is how you afford a black man barricaded in his home posing little threat outside the perimeter the same Burger King “have it your way” empathy as a White man who leaves his home with the intent to shoot innocent civilians

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