Will Smith is starting to feel the push back from the entertainment industry after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last weekend. Even though he resigned from the academy and apologized to Chris Rock and the academy, it looks like his real consequences are happening now. The studios who have upcoming projects with Will Smith have halted production over the Oscar slap heard around the world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), at least a couple films that Smith is slated to star in are being put on hold for the moment at both Netflix and Sony — with the former quietly pivoting away from firing up production on ‘Fast and Loose,’ and the latter hitting pause on getting things going for ‘Bad Boys 4,’ per sources cited by the outlet.

THR says other projects of Will’s may also be put on ice, which presumably means other Netflix movies he’s been attached to as well — including ‘The Council’ and ‘Bright 2.’

Other films from Sony could see the same fate — including a ‘Hancock’ sequel and a ‘Karate Kid’ sequel. He’s got a production company now … so beyond just starring films, he’s heavily involved in making them lately. Only time will tell how these films will be affected.