Disney’s Jungle Cruise debuted at #1 this weekend, opening to an estimated total of more than $90M globally, including $34.2M in domestic box office, $27.6M in international box office, and over $30M in Disney+ Premier Access consumer spend globally.

The disney live action film stars Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramírez and Jack Whitehall, with Jesse Plemons, and Paul Giamatti.

The Rock took to Instagram to thank everyone for their support for his latest blockbuster movie. We also noticed The Rock might have took a dig at Vin Diesel and Fast 9 film.

The Rock says: “We’re also the only blockbuster of 2021 that did not see a double digit box office drop from FRI-SAT, but instead our movie – because of YOU – saw an unprecedented surging 15% Fri-Sat uptick over the weekend.”

Fast & Furious 9 made over $500 million at the box office but the film cost $200 million to make. The film also took a 67% drop in it’s second week at the box office.

Hiram Garcia recently confirmed Dwayne Johnson won’t be returning for ‘FAST 10’ and ‘FAST 11’.

He adds that the ‘HOBBS & SHAW’ sequel is still in the works — “we’re trying to figure out what that sequel is going to be, but we have some very big ideas.”

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