Another day another Olivia Wilde receiving backlash on social media for her naive comments. A video of Olivia Wilde is currently making its rounds on social media after she says “spread your legs as wide as you can, that’s where your power comes from.” Many are calling Olivia Wilde’s choice of words disgusting because it sounds like she’s saying the only power women have is their vagina. Which is certainly not true at all. It’s also a weird thing to say from a well known documented feminist.

Watch the video down below:

Wilde appears to be acting sarcastic in the video. She seems like she’s taking a jab at people who believe women’s only strength is birthing a child, which is an ignorant thing to think or believe. Some of the best countries in the world are women led. It seems like in this case Harry Styles fans are targeting Olivia Wilde again just because they are dating.

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