This morning a clip went viral of Megan Fox and Jimmy Kimmel. Fox was talking to Kimmel about her experience on set of Bad Boys with director Michael Bay.

Michael Bay made her dance in a bikini and underneath a waterfall so she can get soaked and wet. When she spoke out, she was labelled “ungrateful” by the media and her career was destroyed by Bay and Steven Spielberg.

According to The Guardian, Fox had to go to Bay house and wash his Ferrari while he filmed her for her Transformers audition.

The transformers crew said Fox acted like a porn star in response to her calling out Bay for being predatory.

Fox also revealed she didn’t feel like she could come out about her assault during MeToo movement because she wasn’t supported when she spoke about Michael Bay doing this to her.

Kate Beckinsale also spoke out about how Bay objectified her in 2001, for her role in the Parol Harbor. Beckinsale admitted that he forced her to lose weight. Beckinsale also spoke about Bay on the Graham Norton show.