An 18-year-old black woman has tragically passed away from drowning in Lake Michigan on October 14th. The drowning victim has been identified as Taleah Lowe, according to the Muskegon Chronicle.

The first responders received a call at 10:48 p.m. that a woman was struggling in rip currents in the water off the Pere Marquette Park beach.

“Muskegon Fire Department rescuers were on the water actively searching within 10 minutes of being dispatched,” the Michigan Professional Firefighters Union stated in an online news release.

Muskegon Fire Department, Norton Shores Fire Department and Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department dive teams went searching for the young woman. The U.S. Coast Guard also joined the search for the missing woman.

“Searches were conducted continuously and systematically and at serious risk to responders until the victim was located,” the news release went on to say. “These searches were conducted in the water with rescuers searching by hand in the darkness, by boat using side-scan sonar technology, and by air.”

Around 1:30 a.m. Friday morning, the body of Taleah Lowe was found. An autopsy has been conducted and the public is waiting to hear the results because some of her family members expect foul play.

Lowe went to the beach with two of her classmates at Grand Valley State University. The names of the two individuals are Rachel Paulsen and Chloe Ward.

Taleah Lowe cousin, Isaiah Lane claims Paulson and Ward stories aren’t adding up on his Facebook account. He continues by saying, “How did all of you guys end up in a ‘rip current’ and she is the only girl who died…black at that…and Taleah was never the type to get in no Lake Michigan at 11pm at night!”

Lane also stated in the Facebook post that Paulsen and Ward were trying to get the passcode to Lowe’s phone, which he says her family still has not recovered, and “[packed] up her clothes before they even found her body.”

Paulsen started a GoFundMe page for Taleah Lowe a few days later after she passed. The account has raised a $5,564 dollars. Lowe’s family claims they haven’t received any funds from that account.

Muskegon Police Department recorded the incident as an accidental drowning, and the police report “states there is nothing to indicate foul play,” per the campus police.

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