TLC’s latest Installment Extreme Sisters follows 5 sets of sisters and their obsessive and unorthodox bonds.

We recently caught up with two of the show’s star’s twin sisters Patrix & Patricia, to discuss how they became involved in the reality show, letting cameras into their lives, their bond and what viewers can expect from the show.

Their bond was formed in the womb and 48 years later, they are closer than ever. Aside from borrowing clothes, switching places for dates, and literally doing everything together, these twins’ love for each other goes deeper than what you see on the surface.

Patricia was born with a deformity in her hand, and Patrix has been there every step of the way to help her navigate life’s toughest moments. The sisters hope their story will help viewers open the conversation around accepting people as they are.

We already love these two! Watch our full interview with Patrix and Patricia here.

Watch Extreme Sisters Sunday nights only on TLC.