Rihanna accepted the award for “Brand Disruptor” for Savage X Fenty at the 2022 Femmy Awards.

Bajan singer Rihanna, and Savage X Fenty have disrupted the lingerie industry and redefined sexily.

Savage X Fenty founder thanked the Underfashion Club with a video message: “We have a Femmy guy. We’re honored to be recognized.”

This lingerie brand emphasizes confidence and inclusivity and is designed for all genders, sizes, and backgrounds. Recognized for their innovation and social awareness, Savage X Fenty has scooped up an enormous market share and is actively changing the way people shop for and see lingerie!

In March, Bloomberg reported Savage X Fenty lingerie was working with advisors on an IPO that could potentially be valued at $3 billion. Rihanna currently owns 30% of the company.