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Why Paul McCartney could be in Danger?

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Last year Paul McCartney sued Sony/ATV over copyrights of The Beatles Music. Paul McCartney life could be in danger by 2019. Paul will be able to regain all of his masters by October 5th of this year due to the 1976 copyright act. Which allows artist to reclaim their work 56 years later after the original copyright date. The first song released by The Beatles was “Love Me Do” on October 5th, 1962.

This is important because Sony/ATV owns over 250 songs by the Beatles. That’s substantially a lot of money. The Beatles catalog alone is worth over 100 million dollars. I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony try to do something to Paul McCartney to make sure they keep the beatles catalog.

Many people believed this is the reason why Prince died. Tariq Nasheed believes the white supremacist had Prince killed on the Breakfast Club. He goes into detail about the copyright act of 1976 that allows artist from 1976 to the present reclaim their work after 35 years from their original copyright date. Prince regained his catalog back from Warner Brothers in 2014. Two years later Prince died due to overdose on opioid fentanyl, according to the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office. When Prince died he had no will. The sad thing about this is Prince masters still ended up with the masters. Warner Bros and Prince Estate are trying to make millions off of his catalog anyway possible.

Tariq Nasheed Breakfast Club Interview: Skip to 15:20

Recently, Prince music has hit all major streaming platforms. Prince exclusively had his music only on Tidal until February 12th of this year. Jay-Z evens talks about Prince masters in his song “Caught Your Eyes” on his latest album 444. Jay-Z says “I sat down with Prince, eye to eye he told me his wishes before he died now, Londell McMillan, he must be color blind they only see green from them purple eyes.” Jay-Z is referring to how Prince Estate is abusing Prince’s catalog for money.

This same thing could happen to Paul McCartney. If Paul McCartney gets control of The Beatles masters you won’t see their music commercialized or advertised like in the past. Paul McCartney said in an interview in 1989 the beatles wouldn’t be commercialized because it spoils their songs.

Paul McCartney 1989 Interview:

Don’t be surprised if something could happen to Paul McCartney because at the end of the day to Sony/ATV it’s just smart business.

Tell me if you think I’m onto something or I’m just crazy as hell.

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