Adult Film Star Thaina Fields Found Dead Months After Exposing Sexual Harassment in the Industry

Adult Film Star Thaina Fields Found Dead Months After Exposing Sexual Harassment in the Industry

Thaina Fields, 24, a Peruvian adult film star, was found dead in her Trujillo home earlier this month, sending shockwaves through the adult entertainment industry. Fields, real name Abigail, had spoken out about “very strong” sexual harassment and abuse in the industry just eight months before her untimely death.

Fields’ death was first reported by La República, citing a close friend, Alejandra Sweet, who also created adult content. Sweet expressed deep sadness over Fields’ death, pleading for prayers and support for those who truly admired the late star.

Milky Perú, a production company Fields worked with, also expressed sadness over her death. Fields had a sizable TikTok following of 225,000 at the time of her death, leaving an impression on her audience and colleagues.

“We can’t believe this, we refuse to be without you, we would like to see you one more time. We hope someone wakes us up from this bad dream, you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life,”Milky Perú revealed in a statement.

Fields had bravely spoken out about her experiences in the adult film industry, revealing instances of sexual harassment and abuse. She highlighted the challenges women face when creating adult content in a society that frequently stigmatizes such professions.

“I have suffered sexual harassment and abuse after starting to create adult content. At first … many thought that by hiring me they could do what they wanted with me, but then I came home, took a bath and cried,” Fields disclosed in a statement eight months prior to her death.

Her story raises questions about the safety of adult content creators and emphasizes the necessity of addressing issues of harassment and abuse within the industry as the industry comes to terms with Fields’ tragic death. Investigations into the circumstances surrounding Fields’ death have illuminated the difficulties people in this frequently misunderstood profession face.

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