Amouranth Banned on Twitch for 10th Time

Amouranth Banned on Twitch for 10th Time

Amouranth, a popular Twitch streamer, has been suspended for the tenth time, according to StreamerBans. The latest suspension came after a manicure and pedicure video on her Kick channel headlined “FEET GUYS STAND UP,” leaving viewers perplexed about the specific reason for the disciplinary action.

The streamer announced her departure from Twitch in June, citing a lucrative opportunity on Kick. Her Twitch channel now displays the default notice indicating a temporary ban due to a breach of the platform’s community rules or terms of service.

This is the second suspension in four days after a brief, less than three-hour ban on March 30. Following her previous ban, Amouranth posted a provocative video of a popsicle on Twitter and touted her OnlyFans account, which she provided free access to. She has not yet replied to her latest social media restriction.

The announcement of her tenth ban generated a flood of social media reactions, with many criticizing Twitch’s enforcement tactics and guessing about the length of her most recent suspension. Some people also joked about her likely return to the platform.

As Amouranth’s involuntary hiatus continues, the community awaits further developments, pondering whether this suspension will mark a permanent departure from Twitch or merely another temporary setback in her streaming career.

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