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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Is Captain Levi Dead?

by Wayne Ayers
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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 17, came back right where it left all with a bang. The episode starts off with an oh sh*t moment for Captain Levi fans as he appears to be battered in his own blood with a possibility of an ounce of life yet. Hange had Captain Levi in her arms and pronounced him when Floch wanted to kill him. Personally, I don’t believe Captain Levi is dead. It seems like she did that to protect him. Hange eventually takes his body and jumps into the river to escape after Zeke pops out to appear to be good to go after using a thunder spear in episode 16.

Zeke appears to be different, not physically but mentally after emerging from the dead Titan stomach without a single trace of scratch from that thunder spear. He also had a unique glow to his eyes sort of like the Royal Blood family had with their eyes when they fought the Founding Titan. The episode dive into deeper I believe when one of the characters (I believe it was Reiner) said Zeke and Eren must not come into contact with each other.

Eren and Reiner come to blows but before that happens we see Pieck say to Gabi that she doesn’t trust Marley either but trusts her comrades that she fights with. Which is interesting because there are so many different types of philosophies flying around from so many different characters. It seems like if they all came together to talk to one another some things (not all things) could possibly get resolved. There is so much confusion about who or what to trust.

We do know if Marley gets the Founding Titans then there will be no peace coming anytime soon. They already force people from other countries to fight for them like they were slaves. Marley is too power hungry and really wants world domination.

The battle between Eren vs Galliard and Reiner was great visuals to see for fans. Eren held his own against the two and probably would have wiped the floor with them if it wasn’t for Cart Titan. The Cart Titan pulled out a gat aka turret gear gun that gave Eren problems when he felt the wrath of it. During the fight, it seemed like Reiner lost all of his motivation to live. He got some good shots in with Eren but wasn’t really into it. It’s weird to describe but seems like he wanted to die during this battle.

Onyankopon deserves his flowers for this episode because he pretty much said f*ck Zeke and Yelena plan, I’m going to free up Mikasa, Armin, Conny, Jean, and the others. I do expect him to die in the next couple episodes. Every time a character starts to make good decisions they tend to kill them off (not particularly Attack on Titan). Onyankopon -!: Conny will most likely try to find a way to take Eren out especially because of the way he laughed when Sasha died. It was misinterpreted but they won’t trust him. Armin’s plan is working but I don’t think it will work out because Zeke might have another trick up his sleeve. Zeke’s plan could come to help push Marley back then screw over Eren. It’s giving off the enemy of my enemy is my friend vibes.

Full episode down below:

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