Crunchyroll Unveils Must-Watch Anime for Spring 2024: Here’s What We Saw at the Screening Event!

Crunchyroll Unveils Must-Watch Anime for Spring 2024: Here's What We Saw at the Screening Event!

We emerged from Crunchyroll’s Spring preview event, and let me tell you, their lineup is like a treasure chest overflowing with gems! This season promises something for everyone, guaranteed to ignite your anime spark with a vibrant selection that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Consider this your insider look at some can’t-miss titles bubbling up next month!

For the Hopeless Romantics:

  • A Condition Called Love (Premieres April 4th): This show is like a warm hug wrapped in a love letter. Meet Hotaru, a high school freshman whose love life is stuck on “loading.” Enter Hananoi, a charming classmate sporting a past heartbreak that clings to him like a poorly-fitting scarf. Hotaru’s kind gesture leads to a hilariously awkward confession that will have you rooting for them from the first scene. Expect relatable characters, classic coming-of-age fluff, and enough butterflies to fill a butterfly sanctuary.  This one feels like a classic shoujo manga come to life, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship blossoms!

Watch the official trailer here:

Hysterical Out-of-This-World Rom-Com with an Unexpected Twist 

  • Astro Note (Premieres April 5th): Astro Note throws a side-splitting curveball at the rom-com genre, and it’s a home run! Our protagonist, Takumi, a talented chef with a killer palate, falls head over heels for the beautiful Mira, his new apartment’s landlady. But winning her heart proves tricky when your neighbors are a riotous crew of weirdos and unexplained phenomena become your new normal. Oh, and did we mention Mira’s a secret alien? This show promises laugh-out-loud situations and a refreshingly bizarre twist on the classic rom-com formula. The dynamic between Takumi and Mira is pure entertainment, and you’ll be desperately waiting to see where their wacky situations take them next.  Personally, this one had me laughing most of the time – the aliens and the oddball neighbors are hilarious! This hilariously original take on the Rom-Com genre and character interactions will make you smile.

Watch the official trailer here:

Black Butler Fans Rejoice!

  • Black Butler: Public School Arc (Premieres April 13th): It wouldn’t be a Crunchyroll season without our favorite demon butler, and Black Butler: Public School Arc is no exception! This dark and thrilling installment is everything you’ve expected from the series. Ciel Phantomhive and his unflappable demon butler, Sebastian, are tackling a high-society whodunit this time around. They’re undercover at the prestigious Weston College, where students, including a royal relative, are vanishing without a trace. Brace yourselves for a captivating blend of Victorian mystery, political intrigue, and of course, Sebastian’s impeccably served side-eye. The first episode is packed with interesting new characters, alongside some fan favorites returning, making for a truly captivating premiere.  This one is classic Black Butler – dark, mysterious, and Sebastian is as sharp as ever. Can’t wait to see what secrets they uncover!

Watch the official trailer here:

Calling All Kaiju Enthusiasts!

  • Kaiju No. 8 (Premieres April 13th): Buckle up for a monster-sized adventure with Kaiju No. 8! This action-packed series is a must-watch for anyone who craves giant monster mayhem. In a world overrun by colossal creatures, Kafka Hibino dreams of joining the Defense Force to protect humanity. Witness his journey as he reignites his passion for protecting others and fights alongside unlikely allies against these colossal threats. The first episode packs a satisfying punch, leaving you wanting more monster-bashing action.  If you crave colossal creature carnage, Kaiju No. 8 delivers in a big way! The fight scenes are truly epic, showcasing the immense power of the kaiju and the thrilling battles against them. Witnessing Kafka’s growth as a fighter promises to be an exciting journey!

Watch the official trailer here:

A Hidden Gem for the Soul

  • Bartender: Glass of God (Premieres April 3rd): This show is like a warm sake after a long day – a hidden gem that will leave you wanting more. Nestled in the bustling streets of Tokyo lies Eden Hall, a quiet bar catering to weary souls seeking solace. The enigmatic bartender, Ryu, possesses a unique gift – the ability to create the perfect drink that heals the customer’s spirit. Each episode promises a heartfelt encounter, leaving you with a sense of calm and a touch of wonder. I wasn’t sure if Bartender: Glass of God would be my cup of tea, but after the first episode, I’m hooked! The warm atmosphere and touching stories are a welcome change of pace. This one surprised me! It’s a slow burn, but the stories are so heartwarming that I’m completely invested.

Watch the official trailer here:

There you have it, anime fans! Whether you’re a die-hard romance fanatic, a sci-fi buff with a funny bone, a thrill-seeker craving epic showdowns, or simply an anime enthusiast looking for a heartwarming story, Crunchyroll’s Spring lineup has something to quench your thirst for entertainment. This is just a taste of what they have in store, and if these shows are anything to go by, we’re in for an incredible anime season! The best part? All the shows I watched left me wanting more, so you can bet I’ll be glued to my screen each week. Trust me, there’s an anime for everyone this season, so dive in and discover your next favorite show!

Don’t miss out – Crunchyroll’s Spring season is over with potential gems waiting to be unearthed! See Crunchyrolls full Spring season lineup here.

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