Anime Fans Rejoice: Crunchyroll’s Fall Calendar Is Here!

Anime Fans Rejoice: Crunchyroll’s Fall Calendar Is Here!

Crunchyroll, the loved anime streaming platform, has revealed its highly anticipated Fall Calendar, sending waves of excitement throughout anime fandoms. With a diverse lineup of the latest and returning series, this fall lineup promises to be a fest for anime enthusiasts.

A variety of genres awaits fans, including heartwarming slice-of-life stories to action-packed adventures. Notable titles like “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” “Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2,” One Piece,” “The Rising Of The Shield Hero,” “Dr. Stone,” “Shangri-La Frontier,” “Goblin Slayer,” and more are included in the lineup!

In the spirit of Crunchyroll’s continued efforts to bridge cultural gaps and unite fans worldwide, their Fall Calendar promises to be a global celebration of anime. Crunchyroll provides subtitles and dubs in various languages so anime fans from all over the globe can enjoy this vibrant and diverse medium.

Mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of anime excellence this Fall, from Crunchyroll’s intriguing lineup that is listed below. 


Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation (Studio Deen) – Original Video Animation

Miyano’s world of Boys’ Love manga turns to reality when chance leads him to Sasaki. Now, Sasaki wants to spend every opportunity with him.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog (Project No.9)

Fifteen-year-old Isaku Senagaki, the granddaughter of the third boss of the Senagaki crime syndicate, just wants to have normal friends and a normal high school romance. She enrolls in a high school far from her hometown, but the overprotective young leader, twenty-six-year-old Keiya Uto, lies about his age and bribes his way into the same school as Isaku! Telling Isaku she’s too young to fall in love, Keiya’s ready to scare off all the boys. But actually, Isaku’s had unrequited feelings for Keiya this whole time?!


Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Madhouse)

After the party of heroes defeated the Demon King, they restored peace to the land and returned to lives of solitude. Generations pass, and the elven mage Frieren comes face to face with humanity’s mortality. She takes on a new apprentice and promises to fulfill old friends’ dying wishes. Can an elven mind make peace with the nature of life and death? Frieren embarks on her quest to find out.

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Hindi, and Tamil 


Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange (Brain’s Base)

The story of how three young firefighters destined to save Japan grow in spirit! Toake Daigo burns with remarkable talent and unparalleled determination. Onoda Shun struggles against the walls blocking his own path. Nakamura Yuki hopes to become one of the few female members of the special rescue corps known as “Orange.” When these three young firefighters who share the goal of becoming members of Orange come together, the story of how Japan will one day be saved begins… and what looms before them is a crisis that endangers the entire country!


Shangri-La Frontier (C2C)

“When was the last time I played a game that wasn’t crap?” This is a world in the near future where games that use display screens are classified as retro. Anything that can’t keep up with state-of-the-art VR technology is called a “crap game,” and you see a large number of crap games coming out. Those who devote their lives to clearing these games are called “crap-game hunters,” and Rakuro Hizutome is one of them. The game he’s chosen to tackle next is Shangri-La Frontier, a “god-tier game” that has a total of thirty million players. Online friends… An expansive world… Encounters with rivals… These are changing Rakuro and all the other players’ fates! The best game adventure tale by the strongest “crap game” player begins now!

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hindi, and Tamil

MF GHOST (Felix Film)

202X A.D., a future beyond Initial D.Self-driving cars are in widespread use in Japan, and public roadways are used for auto racing.In such an era, a race called MFG has become popular around the globe. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini…Participants are invited to race with their fastest cars. One such participant, a British racing school graduate, Kanata Rivington, returns to Japan to achieve his goal.

○ Dubs include: English and Brazilian Portuguese

Berserk of Gluttony (ACGT)

Fate, a castle guard in a world where one’s skills are everything, has acquired a skill called “Gluttony” that does nothing but make him hungry, leaving him with a miserable life. But one day, he defeats some who are bandits infiltrating the castle, and his world changes. Thus begins the story of how a young man once ridiculed as talentless climbed from the lowest stratum of life to the top.

The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch (A-Real)

Alyssa, a witch who lives alone in the woods, finds a human baby one day. Despite her bewilderment, she names the child Viola and decides to raise her. 16 years later, Viola has grown far more than Alyssa ever imagined… Wait, she grew too much! And so, the chaotic comedy of a mother and daughter with inverted appearances begins!!


SHY (8bit)

Around the middle of the 21st century, all war on Earth ceased. The sudden widespread appearance of “Heroes,” people with supernatural powers who wish only for peace, has drastically transformed the world. In a world where the Heroes of each country work to maintain this newfound peace, the one protecting Japan is a young girl named Shy who is… cripplingly shy.

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and German

I’m in Love with the Villainess (Platinum Vision)

The world turns upside down when a corporate drone wakes up as Rae Taylor, the heroine in her favorite otome game, Revolution. Rae is elated at the opportunity to court Claire François, the game’s villainess and the object of her affection. Armed with her knowledge of the game and events to come, Rae sets out to make Claire fall for her. But how will the villainess take Rae’s romantic advances?

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Castilian Spanish

A Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life (MAHO FILM)

Tanaka Taichi is an ordinary Japanese guy who’s just made a new character, “Earth,” in a brand new open-world VRMMO game called “One More Free Life Online” that promises almost unlimited freedom. In a world where players are free to challenge monsters with all their strength or go on adventures at their own pace, Taichi chooses to master the most worthless skills the game has to offer! Sometimes he’ll make overly complicated potions, or food that tastes much better than it has any reason to. And sometimes he’ll go hunt monsters with crazy, hand-made weapons… An ordinary dude is about to begin his own VRMMO fantasy life!

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions (diomedéa)

An unusual private investigator and police detective duo team up to solve a series of thrilling mysteries!


The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Season 2 (diomedéa)

After years as a workaholic, Sei’s dream of a life of leisure has finally come true! She’s summoned to a magical kingdom where she crafts lifesaving potions and becomes the most valued citizen. But will her love of research hurt her chances with Albert?

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese 


KamiErabi (UNEND)

The ultimate battle royale for divinity has begun. High schoolers must use their unique powers to compete against each other for the coveted title “God.” But as each brawl becomes more vicious than the last, alliances are formed and betrayals take place. Who will emerge victorious and claim their godly throne?

Kizuna no Allele 2nd (Signal.MD and WIT Studio)

In the virtual world, you can be anyone. And for Miracle, her dream is to be a famous virtual artist! Miracle attends ADEN Academy, where she learns new talents to prepare her for her big debut. Although she’s a bit of a klutz, she’s determined to follow in the footsteps of her idol: the legendary VTuber, Kizuna AI. With dedication and the help of her friends, her dream just might come true!

16bit Sensation: Another Layer (st.Silver)

The year: 1992. The college student: Meiko Uehara. The part-time job: Computer store clerk. Or so she thought. While exploring the store’s second floor, Meiko finds Alcohol Soft, an adult PC game developer. She replaces an artist in a twist of fate. Out of her element and with an approaching deadline, Meiko races to complete the game and prove herself. The fate of her career depends on it!


The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2 – Cour 2 (Studio Kafka) – Returning from Spring 2023

Chise was able to accept Elias and herself, if not necessarily everything about her situation. After Cartaphilus fell back into a slumber that would not last forever, Chise was able to go back to her regular life. Then she receives an invitation from a mutual aid organization for mages called the College. Under the British Library exists a secret society of mages. Encounters and interactions with people are about to open some new doors. This is a story about saving yourself to save another.

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, and Italian

UNDER NINJA (Tezuka Productions)

Ninjas still exist in Japan today. They number around 200,000. The ninja organization NIN (National Intelligence of NINJA) is not controlled by the civilian government, with its elite members performing assassinations and sabotage in secret. There is an organization that opposes NIN: UN (Under Ninja). Ninja versus ninja: What lies waiting at the end of this shadowy feud?


The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 (Kinema Citrus)

Learning that other nations are enduring the Calamity Waves, Naofumi vows to fight. But before he can begin, word comes that the massive Spirit Tortoise is free. Left unchecked, this rampaging monster could destroy the world. He assembles companions Raphtalia and Filo and a few new allies, one of which reveals scary news—this was no accident. Someone deliberately unleashed the legendary beast!

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Arabich


“I’m not saving the world. I just kill goblins.” Rumor has it that, in a certain guild in the middle of nowhere, there is an extraordinary man who has climbed all the way to the Silver rank just by killing goblins. At the same guild, a priestess who’s just become a new adventurer has formed her first party… and the man who ends up rescuing that party when they get into trouble is none other than the Goblin Slayer.

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

The Kingdoms of Ruin (Yokohama Animation Lab)

Witches once blessed the human race with wisdom and peace. But the Redia Empire’s “Gear Expansion” brought about a culture of science that far surpassed magic, and witches were viewed as enemies impeding the progress of civilization. Thus began the witch hunts. One human named Adonis, who was raised by a witch named Chloe, swears revenge against the human race that took his beloved mentor from him. What salvation can be found at the end of a bloodbath fueled by utter despair?

○ Dubs include: English

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 (SynergySP)

After their hot springs trip, Naoya continues his relationships with both Saki and Nagisa. Bringing along Milika (who kissed Naoya) and Shino (who secretly has romantic feelings for Naoya), they embark on a summer vacation full of romance with a fireworks festival, camping, and Okinawa. Milika’s younger sister Risa also appears, making the romance in this neo-standard rom-com heat up even more. A season two filled with summer and swimsuits is about to begin!

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

HYPNOSISMIC -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima PLUS (A-1 Pictures)

Legendary rap group The Dirty Dawg could have taken Japan by storm, but then they broke up. Now each member fights in one of the four rival groups. Battles for turf are fought with rap and the Hypnosis Mic, a microphone that can affect the human spirit.


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special (Arvo Animation)

In a land dominated by the formidable Shadow Worlds, most of humanity has been destroyed. To rescue their planet from impending doom, six brave heroes fight a perilous battle…and fail. But there’s a glimpse of hope when Desir, one of the last mages, is suddenly sent back in time 13 years! Now armed with knowledge of the grim future, can he alter the course of history and save the world?

○ Dubs include: English

Tearmoon Empire (SILVER LINK)

“I have… a head?! And… I’m young?!” Twenty-year-old Princess Mia of the Tearmoon Empire, often scorned as the “selfish princess,” was executed by guillotine in a rebellion. Next thing she knew, she awoke in her own twelve-year-old body, with her own blood-stained diary that she kept before she was beheaded sitting next to her pillow. Given a second chance at life, Mia decides to rebuild the empire. For the sake of Tearmoon’s future? To save the people from starvation? For all the soldiers who lost their lives in the civil war? No! Everything she does in this life is for the sake of avoiding the guillotine! “F-For me, this should be a piece of cake!” Thus the useless, cowardly, self-serving princess brings about miracle after miracle in her great struggle to save herself in this altered-history fantasy.

The Faraway Paladin: The Lord of Rust Mountains (OLM and SUNRISE BEYOND)

Two years had passed since he left the City of the Dead, and Will was seventeen by count. As a lord, he developed “Torch Port, a river port of light”, and gradually the people’s activities and smiles returned to “Beast Woods”. However, out-of-season flowers bloom profusely, and an abnormality is discovered in the forest. Will and his friends head into the depths of the forest to solve this problem, and receive an ominous prophecy from the king of the forest. “In the Iron Rust Mountains, the ‘Fire of Black Calamity’ will occur. The fire will spread, or it will burn everything in this land.” What is the calamity that sleeps in the ruined dwarven city of Tetsusabi Sanmyaku…!?

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German

My New Boss is Goofy (A-1 Pictures)

Currently serialized in Manga Cross and a hit comic that has sold over 500,000 copies, comes the long-awaited TV anime adaptation of this soul-soothing comedy about work! After his power-harassing boss broke his spirit and his health, Momose leaves his job to work at a new job in sales at an advertising agency. However, on the very first day of his new job, Momose is unable to move due to a stomachache caused by his past traumas. “What should I do if my new boss also abuses his power?” In the meantime, his new boss Shirosaki is out with him to see the clients. Just what exactly is Shirosaki going to do…?! This boss’ unexpectedly “goofy” nature will surely heal anyone!!

Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig– (Project No.9)

The 26th Dengeki Novel Prize Gold Award-winning story has oink’d its way into an anime adaptation! I am a dull otaku who lost consciousness after eating raw pork liver. When I awoke, it seemed that I had been reincarnated into another world… but I had also become a pig! As I was rolling around in a pigsty covered in mud, Jess, a kind, angelic, beautiful girl, came to my rescue. “Oink!!” “Um, you don’t have to force yourself to talk. I’m able to… understand you.” This girl who was devotedly caring after my pig-self was a member of the Yethma, and her people have the ability to read minds. “This is bad! That means she can see through all of my lustful delusions!” Now in Mesteria, a world run by swords and magic, a pig and a mind-reading beauty set off on their lovey-dovey fantasy adventure!… Or do they?

I Shall Survive Using Potions! (Jumondo)

Nagase Kaoru, a 22-year-old office lady, suddenly finds herself reincarnated in another world. To help her survive in this new world, a being that amounts to its god gives Kaoru a younger body and… the ability to make insanely overpowered potions?! The reincarnated Kaoru must use her knowledge and cheatery to survive!

○ Dubs include: English

Protocol: Rain (Quad)

A group of high schoolers will try to save the local esports cafe with their pro gaming skills!


Dead Mount Death Play (GEEKTOYS) – Returning from Spring 2023

As a legendary hero nears victory against a necromancer known as The Corpse God, things take an unexpected turn with the dark sorcerer’s final gambit—reincarnation magic. This last-ditch effort catches the brave fighter off guard, and now he’s a boy named Polka Shinoyama in a whole new world! The showdown between good and evil just got epic.

○ Dubs include: English, French, and German


After-School Hanako-Kun (Lerche)

The spirit Hanako-kun and his human assistant, first-year student Nene Yashiro, keep the peace between supernatural forces and the students of Kamome Academy. When they’re not fighting to maintain balance between the living and spirit worlds, how do they spend their time? Join Hanako-kun and Nene on their adventures after school!

○ Dubs include: English 


Dr. STONE New World Season 3 Part 2 (TMS Entertainment) – Returning from Spring 2023

With the Stone Wars over, the former members of Tsukasa’s Empire of Might join forces with the Kingdom of Science to build a ship capable of sailing across open ocean to seek answers on the mystery of the global petrification. However, before they can begin their voyage Senku and his friends need to find some key resources and push some new scientific advancements to build the type of vessel they need.

○ Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Castilian Spanish


Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 (Haoliners Animation League)

After the incident at Crescent Pass, San Lang leaves Xie Lian. In the days that follow, he is summoned by Junwu to the Heaven Realm. A Heavenly Official is trapped, and Xie Lian must rescue them from the Ghost Realm. All is not as it seems. Deception, vice, and danger lurk around every corner. All will be revealed, but will Xie Lian be prepared for the truth about gods, ghosts, and mortals?

○ Dubs include: English October 21

The Apothecary Diaries (TOHO animation STUDIO and OLM)

Maomao lived a peaceful life with her apothecary father. Until one day, she’s sold as a lowly servant to the emperor’s palace. But she wasn’t meant for a compliant life among royalty. So when imperial heirs fall ill, she decides to step in and find a cure! This catches the eye of Jinshi, a handsome palace official who promotes her. Now, she’s making a name for herself solving medical mysteries!

○ Dubs include: English, French, German, and Hindi



Haruka Asahina is a high school teen racing in Formula 4. He crosses paths with a washed-up photographer, Kouya Madoka, who decides to help Haruka realize his dream and reach the podium. The heat is on, and competition is fierce. Racing for the family-run Komaki Motors team means Haruka must push the car, and himself, to the limits to catch the attention of top teams. Buckle up, it’s time to race!


Mysterious creatures have been terrorizing an island, forcing locals to flee their once-thriving home. With government funds lacking for monster eradication, Tajima purchases the only construction company left and transforms it for the task. Thankfully, the brilliant Testuro Okino and his new robot, Bullbuster, come to their aid. But the team is on a tight budget. Can they save the island?

Arknights: PERISH IN FROST (Hypergryph Studio Montagne / Yostar / Yostar Pictures)

After the deadly battle against Skullshatterer, Amiya struggles to accept her failure to save Misha and is left to grieve alone. Meanwhile, Rhodes Island is still searching for a cure for the Oripathy disease while working with Lungmen to take down Reunion. But when Rhodes Island sends a scouting party to investigate a deserted town on the outskirts of Lungmen, they discover something strange…

My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer (Typhoon Graphics)

The young adventurer Belgrieve retires to a quieter life after losing his leg to a beast. While gathering herbs in the woods one day, he rescues an abandoned child. Angeline trains with her father and later achieves S-Rank in the capital’s adventurer guild. Five years later, she decides to return home. Will Belgrieve get another chance at being an adventurer? Will Angeline return home unscathed?

I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness (Zero-G)

Allen Crawford is a misanthropic sorcerer known as the “Dark Lord.” When he comes across Charlotte Evans, a noblewoman exiled on false charges, his memories of being betrayed three years ago come rushing back. He decides to teach Charlotte about all the pleasures, vices, and joys of naughty living. Can a broken heart be mended with riotous living? These two are bound to find out!

Migi&Dali (GEEKTOYS and CompTown)

After finally adopting a child, the Sonoyamas were unprepared for the mystery that would soon unravel. Hitori seems to be the perfect son for his loving parents. He’s handsome, intelligent, and grateful for his new lavish life—but he has a dark secret. Hitori is actually the twins Migi and Dali pretending to be one boy. And they have a terrifying motive behind their hidden identity.

Stardust Telepath (Studio Gokumi)

Umika is a sweet yet shy high school girl. She has trouble speaking to others and dreams of having a friend from another planet. But her lonely school life takes a cosmic turn when she meets transfer student Yu, an alien with telepathic powers! The two become close and promise to go to space one day. So, they decide to build a rocket and shoot for the stars, making new friends along the way.


● One Piece (Toei Animation)
● Case Closed (Detective Conan) (TMS Entertainment)
● Rurouni Kenshin (LIDEN FILMS)
● Soaring Sky! Precure (Toei Animation)

The Most Forgotten Hero of One Piece

The Most Forgotten Hero of One Piece

In the vast and fascinating world of One Piece, where formidable pirates, marines, and legendary creatures roam, there may be a surprising hero that frequently goes disregarded amidst all of the motion and adventure – Luffy’s flip flops. A closer look at just how integral they are to Monkey D. Luffy’s journey may help to explain just how bizarre it may seem to label an inanimate object as one of the toughest operating characters of all time.

Luffy’s flip-flops are more than simply shoes; like his iconic Straw Hat, they are symbolic of his unwavering willpower and his unbreakable spirit. From the very beginning of his journey, those humble sandals have persisted in hardships that replicate Luffy’s own trials and tribulations. They’ve walked through deserts, crossed icy tundras, and continued the cruelest battles along their proprietor, presenting unwavering aid via rain, sleet, or snow.

One key factor that makes Luffy’s sandals stand out is their resilience. While most characters in One Piece boast staggering Devil Fruit abilities or advanced fight abilities, Luffy’s flip flops lack any supernatural powers. Yet, they have withstood the most excessive conditions and held up against ambitious opponents, which include the likes of Kaido, Big Mom, Doflamingo, Lucci, and Arlong. The Straw Hat captain’s sandals have faced off with some of the most notorious and effective villains in One Piece, emerging unscathed from battles that could make even the strongest pirate or marine tremble.

They’ve been exposed to the blazing warmth of Alabasta, the bone-chilling bloodless of Punk Hazard, the island fortress of Enies Lobby, the perilous landscapes of thick candy forests of Whole Cake Island, and the cruel climate of the feudal lands in Wano- – never once faltering in their duty. Luffy’s flip flops have even been properly there on Luffy’s feet when he grew to large sizes, adapting to his ever-changing wishes.

Symbolic of his carefree nature and his ability to adapt to any scenario before him, Luffy’s flip flops are a signature part of him. When it’s time for a battle, equipped with his abilities, straw hat, and sandals, Luffy is ready without hesitation. Delivering devastating blows such as his gum-gum battle axe with the continued assistance from his flip flops. This transformation showcases the versatility of his footwear and adds an element of surprise to his fighting style.

Luffy’s flip flops have quietly earned the title of the forgotten heroes of One Piece. They are a testament to the enduring spirit of adventure, the resilience of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the concept that even the most unassuming of objects can become heroes in their own right. Some may suggest they maybe dependable than Zoro, Luffy’s famously dependable swordsman, given their unwavering presence by Luffy’s feet.

The next time you dive into the world of One Piece, spare a few thoughts for Luffy’s trusty flip flops, for they are the often-forgotten hero that has helped carry him throughout his adventure, one step at a time, going through one opponent after another and helping their captain through all their ups and downs.

Did Netflix’s One Piece Defeat the Anime Live-Action Curse?

Did Netflix’s One Piece Defeat the Anime Live-Action Curse?

When it comes to anime juggernauts, few franchises carry as much weight, success, and fan devotion as One Piece. With its rich world-building, intricate characters, and compelling narratives, Eiichiro Oda’s all-time greatest-selling manga-turned-anime has rightfully captured the hearts of millions. When Netflix announced it would embark on a live-action adaptation of this widely beloved series, fans and critics alike were filled with anticipation and cautious optimism.

The announcement of a live-action One Piece adaptation was met with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. On one hand, the opportunity to see the Straw Hat Pirates and their adventures in a new format with Eiichiro Oda’s involvement was a thrilling prospect. On the other hand, fans recalled past attempts at adapting other anime franchises to live-action format without much success and authenticity to the source material, causing apprehension about whether the essence of One Piece can be faithfully captured.

The core of fan concerns lies within the challenge of translating the fantastical elements of the anime into a live-action setting. A task that has proven difficult when attempted by other animes in the past. The vibrant and diverse world of One Piece, populated by eccentric well-developed characters and the power of devil fruits, poses a daunting task for any production team no matter their extraordinary skill set.

Did the Netflix live-action adaptation of One Piece break actually break the live-action anime curse? A curse that has long plagued so many of our beloved anime franchises?

One Piece. (L to R) Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Emily Rudd as Nami in season 1 of One Piece. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

One Piece. (L to R) Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Emily Rudd as Nami in season 1 of One Piece. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Yes! The Netflix live-action take on One Piece, led by the talented showrunners, Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, and with the guidance of Eiichiro Oda, not only broke the curse but completely smashed it into pieces. It’s now the gold standard for live-action anime adaptations going forward.

Here are some of the best (spoiler-free) things about the live-action adaptation that true One Piece fans will love.

One Piece. (L to R) Colton Osorio as Young Luffy, Peter Gadiot as Shanks in season 1 of One Piece. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

One Piece. (L to R) Colton Osorio as Young Luffy, Peter Gadiot as Shanks in season 1 of One Piece. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

The Greatest Story Ever Told Reimagined: Simply stated, One Piece is a tale of adventure, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams, in a world filled with pirates, marines, mythical creatures, and fruits that give one power when eaten, called devil fruits. Translating this vast and intricate universe into live-action format was a colossal task, but the showrunners Matt Owens and Steven Maeda behind the Netflix adaptation have done justice to Oda’s vision.

Faithful to the Source Material: One of the standout achievements of Netflix’s One Piece is its faithfulness to the source material. The characters, from the iconic Monkey D. Luffy to the enigmatic Roronoa Zoro, are portrayed with remarkable accuracy. The casting choices have been great with actors who not only resemble their animated counterparts but also capture the spirit of these beloved characters. Fans can rejoice in knowing that the Straw Hat Pirates have been brought to life with a genuine dedication to Oda’s vision.

Embodying Spirit of Adventure: Beyond its technical accomplishments, Netflix’s One Piece captures the spirit of adventure that has fascinated fans for over two decades. The common themes of friendship, pursuing your dreams, and determination are all at the leading edge of this model, in addition to the friendship between the Straw Hat Pirates and the pursuit of the One Piece treasure.

Visually Breathtaking: The sheer scale and impressiveness of the One Piece world have been impeccably portrayed on screen. The set design, costumes, and special effects deserve high praise for their attention to detail and commitment to authenticity. The sprawling landscapes, bustling ports, and mystique of the One Piece universe have all been recreated with a visual flair that does justice to the vibrant, intricate, and well-developed world Oda created.

Thrilling Action Sequences: One Piece is renowned for its heart-racing and thrilling action sequences, and the Netflix adaptation doesn’t disappoint. The choreography and execution of the battles are brilliant, capturing the dynamic and imaginative combat styles of the characters. Whether it’s Luffy’s Gum-Gum Battle Axe, Zoro’s Three Sword Style, or Sanj’s Muton Shot, fans can rejoice in seeing their favorite moves come to life.

The tough situation of bringing the fantastical world and beloved characters to life must have been monstrous, requiring a delicate balance of faithfulness to the source material and the creative liberties essential for the live-action format. Netflix’s One Piece stands as a shining instance of what can be completed with enthusiasm, determination, and respect for the source material.

Loyal One Piece fans and newcomers alike will be treated to a fresh experience with a visually stunning and faithful adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s legendary manga and anime series.

One Piece. (L to R) Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, Mackenyu Arata as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Taz Skylar as Sanji in episode 108 of One Piece. Cr. Casey Crafford/Netflix © 2023

One Piece. (L to R) Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, Mackenyu Arata as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Taz Skylar as Sanji in episode 108 of One Piece. Cr. Casey Crafford/Netflix © 2023

The show will not only appeal to longtime fans of anime and manga but also invite newcomers to experience the captivating world of pirates and dreams. One Piece fans who were worried the Netflix adaptation would not capture the true spirit of adventure that has made the anime series and manga a masterpiece can breathe easier now.

The Live action adaption of One Piece is now streaming on Netflix.

Adventure Awaits: Exciting Upcoming Releases in the World of Manga

Adventure Awaits: Exciting Upcoming Releases in the World of Manga

Calling all adventure manga enthusiasts! This fall, Viz Media is releasing an exciting lineup of new and returning adventure mangas. Whether you are a fan of epic quests, otherworldly geographical regions, or captivating characters, there is something for everyone. Let’s explore some interesting manga titles set to be released in the coming weeks.

Blade of the Moon

Blade of the Moon Princess, Vol. 1 | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Blade of the Moon Princess, Vol. 1 | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 1 

Story and Art: Tatsuya Endo

Synopsis:  Unfortunately, Kaguya’s enemies are a step ahead of her, and she ends up ejected from the moon and stranded on the primitive Tainted World below. Can she find her way back to the moon and reclaim the throne that is rightfully hers from the usurpers?

Release Date: September 5th

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 19 | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 19 | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 19

Story and Art: Story by  Akira Toriyama, Art by Toyotarou

Synopsis: Granolah’s fierce assault seems to have Gas on the ropes until the youngest Heeters member unleashes his inner nature, leading to an all-out assault like nothing any of our heroes have ever encountered before! But perhaps the key to defeating Gas has something to do with memories of Bardock, Goku’s long-dead father?!

Release Date: September 5th 

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

The Elusive Samurai

The Elusive Samurai, Vol. 8 | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

The Elusive Samurai, Vol. 8 | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 8

Story and Art: Yusei Matsui

Synopsis: The time has come for Tokiyuki and Yorishige’s allies in Shinano to make their move against their enemies, the devious governor Ogasawara and the evil kokushi, Kiyohara. But in order to get the campaign going, Tokiyuki must earn the respect of Yorishige’s warriors, and to do that, he’ll need to engage his old nemesis, the wily Shokan. Shokan is no fool, however, and Tokiyuki will have to come up with an unexpected and dangerous tactic to achieve success.

Release Date: September 5th 

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Mashle: Magic and Muscles | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 13

Story and Art: Hajime Komoto

Synopsis: Right before the destined day of the eclipse, an army of demi-humans invades, throwing the land into chaos. Renatus and the other Visionaries launch a counterattack, but they immediately find themselves face-to-face with Innocent Zero’s four remaining sons. Later, after a crushing display of power, Innocent Zero demands the frightened populace hand the unconscious Mash over. Can Meliadoul find a way to recharge Mash in time for him to defend himself?

Release Date: September 12th 

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here


Volume: 5

Story and Art: Nanaki Nanao

Synopsis: Helck continues to lay bare the harrowing tale of how he became the mighty—and disgraced—hero he is today. In the past, after his brother, Cless, sustained near-fatal injuries during an encounter with the Demon Lord, Helck set out to the Demon Lord’s castle in his stead. But what awaited him was a shocking revelation about demonkind that no human could ever believe.

Release Date: September 12th 

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

Pokemon Adventures: X•Y

Pokemon Adventures: X•Y | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Pokemon Adventures: X•Y | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 6

Story and Art: Story by Hidenori Kusaka, Art by Satoshi Yamamoto

Synopsis: The arrival of Mega Evolution Pokémon, each with more than one Mega Evolution, causes a massive battle to break out at the Pokémon Village! As the X•Y arc comes to a clashing finale, the fate of the Kalos region hangs on the outcome. Can X and Y defeat Lysandre and save Kalos?!

Release Date:  September 12th, 2023

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Manga

Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Manga | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Manga | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 1

Story and Art: Yusuke Osawa

Synopsis:  Years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, a solitary bounty hunter is given a simple mission. Find and return the Child to the Imperial Remnant, all that remains of the once all-powerful Empire. This mysterious orphan has a power that can possibly turn events in their favor, and the acquisition of that power is paramount. Instead, the bounty hunter goes on the run with the Child to protect him from the forces that would do him harm. Here is the story of The Mandalorian, and his desperate quest to save the Child and himself. 

Based on the series created by Jon Favreau and written by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Christopher Yost, and Rick Famuyiwa.

Release Date: September 12th, 2023

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Alice in Borderland | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 7

Story and Art: Haro Aso

Synopsis: Most of the Face Card games continue to be a deadly challenge to Borderland’s visitors, their often complicated or confusing rules meant to trick players into dooming themselves. In contrast, the King of Spades’ game is refreshingly direct—kill or be killed! Can an uneasy coalition of visitors band together to take down the sniper King before his bullets declare game over for everyone?

Release Date:  September 19th, 2023

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

One-Punch Man | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 26

Story and Art: Story by ONE, Art by Yusuke Murata

Synopsis: As the fight against the Monster Association big shots heats up, Class-S heroes find themselves locked in a desperate struggle, but Tornado is closing in on Gyoro-Gyoro’s main body! Meanwhile, Blackluster confronts Garo, while Saitama wanders the labyrinth where the Monster Association is hiding out.

Release Date: September 19th, 2023

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here

The Legend of ZeldaTwilight Princess

The Legend of ZeldaTwilight Princess | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

The Legend of ZeldaTwilight Princess | Photo Courtesy of Viz Media

Volume: 4, 5, 6

Story and Art: Akira Himekawa


Volume 4- Link and Midna head for Death Mountain to dispel the darkness that is plaguing the Gorons and hopefully obtain another shard of the Shadow Crystal. If they can recover the shard they’ll only need to find one more piece of the Crystal. But their journey is far from over—shadows are gathering at Hyrule Castle and there are still many grave dangers and terrible foes to face!

Volume 5 – Midna has been Link’s traveling companion and ally since the start of their journey, but will her ultimate goal of saving the Twilight Realm drive her away from Link? Link’s own quest to save Hyrule leads him to seek the advice of Princess Zelda—and learn that to defeat the ultimate evil plaguing the world they will need a particular weapon: the Master Sword!

Volume 6- Link and Midna head for Snowpeak to find the pieces of the Mirror of Shadow which they will need to defeat the evil Ganondorf. Link has fought and defeated many terrible foes in his quest to save Hyrule and the Twilight Realm, but Midna now begins to worry that all that Link has seen and his obsession with power are changing him. What will Link do if his greatest enemy turns out to be…himself?

Release Date: September 26th, 2023

Where to Pre-Order: Get the Digital Edition here Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6

Viz Media’s upcoming Adventure manga lineup is filled with exciting releases and adventures waiting to be explored in the coming weeks. Adventure calls, so get ready to dive into these captivating worlds!

Luffy’s Gear Transformations: From Gear 2 to Gear 5, The Journey of the next Pirate King

Luffy’s Gear Transformations: From Gear 2 to Gear 5, The Journey of the next Pirate King

Photo Courtesy of Toei Animation Inc.

Fans of One Piece are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the long-awaited moment! The sweet sound of battle drums reverberates in our ears as the moment approaches!

Eiichiro Oda’s anime series One Piece has captivated fans for years with its thrilling adventures and unforgettable characters. Monkey D. Luffy is a beloved protagonist whose quest to become the Pirate King is defined in part by his unique fighting style, particularly his incredible “Gear” transformations.

In honor of tonight’s legendary “Gear 5” One Piece episode, we will delve into the significance of Luffy gear enhancements and explore why the excitement for Gear 5 has reached unprecedented levels and is sure to break the internet.

Luffy’s 2nd Gear

Throughout his journey, Luffy has pushed himself to his mental and physical limits in order to protect his friends and pursue his dream. His first encounter with a “Gear” transformation occurred during the Enies Lobby arc with Gear 2.

Luffy gains speed and strength by increasing his blood flow, propelling him to new heights as a fighter. Gear 2’s concept showcased the series’ creativity in Luffy’s power upgrades and laid the groundwork for interesting future power upgrades.

Luffy’s 3rd Gear

In the Enies Lobby arc, Third Gear was also introduced as a transformation that allows Luffy to inflate his bones, increasing both his size and raw power. This improvement, however, comes at the expense of speed. The reveal of Gear 3 cemented Luffy’s reputation as a combatant willing to go to extreme lengths to secure victory.

Luffy’s 4th Gear

One could argue that the most exciting power in Luffy’s arsenal up to this point is Gear 4, which debuted during the Dressrosa arc. This fantastic transformation combines Luffy’s rubber abilities with Haki’s ability to increase his strength, speed, and resilience significantly. Gear 4 introduces three new forms: Bounceman, Tankman, and Snakeman, who were revealed during the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Bounceman showcases Luffys abilities, Tankman highlights his resilience and Snakeman exhibits his speed. These demonstrations of Luffys growth, strength, and power are a testament, to Oda’s storytelling and character development.

The Anticipation for Luffy’s Gear 5

Given the nature of Luffy’s power-ups, fans all over the world are anticipating the release of Gear 5. The possibility of this transformation has sparked speculation and a plethora of fan theories. The excitement stems from the expectation that Gear 5 will outperform all other forms in terms of strength and versatility. Luffy gaining access to power, propelling him closer to his goal, is something One Piece fans have been waiting for.

Beyond Just Power Ups

It is critical to emphasize that Luffy’s power-ups go beyond mere strength. They also represent his tenacity, resilience, and the strong bonds he shares with his crewmates. Each transformation embodies Luffy’s growth and leadership qualities, representing the steps he has taken on his journey to become the next Pirate King.

Luffy’s gear-ups have contributed significantly to the excitement and appeal of One Piece. Each transformation, from Gear 2 to Gear 4, has highlighted Luffy’s innovative combat style and determination to protect his friends.

Fans are looking forward to not only seeing a new power but also experiencing the next chapter of Luffy’s epic adventure, as Gear 5 approaches. As Eiichiro Oda continues to unravel the mysteries of the One Piece universe, we can be confident that whatever form and abilities Gear 5 displays will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Grab your Strawhats and get ready for tonight’s amazing Gear 5 episode.

Please share your favorite Gear transformations in the comments section below.