This might be the best back to back episodes of ‘Attack on Titan’ history. After coming off of one of the best written and produced “Two Brothers” season 4 episode 19 last week this one sure did not disappoint.

“Memories of the Future” was written masterfully. It doesn’t have the crazy action packed scenes like the previous episode but it still gives you what the fck moments. This episode was a reminder that Eren Yeager is that fcking guy still even after getting his head popped off by Gabi in the last episode. This episode could be titled the change of tides the way they gave us this wicked twist but that might have given the episode away.

Eren and Zeke continue to go deeper in their past while being at the “Paths.” While being in the past they get to re-examine their father Grisha Yeager actions one last time.

Zeke learned about the different upbringing he had compared to Eren upbringing. Eren was very loved and lived a normal life. Zeke was brainwashed and used as a weapon at an early age. Grisha treated Zeke like shit compared to how he treated Eren. It seems like the only person who has ever cared for Zeke was his best friend, Tom Ksaver.

With the different upbringings you would think Zeke would be more cold hearted and try to wreck the world with havoc. While Eren would be a more loving character because he has received so much of it. Even after his mother died he still had friends like Mikasa who really loved and cared for him. This turns out to be the exact opposite. Zeke has felt so much pain in his life he just wants it to stop but Eren had everything taken away from him and now he wants the world to pay. This episode makes a major twist when we find out that Grisha isn’t responsible for Eren’s decisions, but oddly, Eren is responsible for his father’s actions.

“Memories of the Future” becomes a horror movie for Zeke after witnessing Grisha’s execution of the Reiss family after Eren forced him to murder them. Grisha wasn’t going to kill them at first, he’s natural instinct is to save lives because he’s a doctor but since Eren is controlling his memories we will see that the future will hold a lot of bloodshed after they get out of the “Paths.”

The wicked part of this episode is the viewers thought Zeke had the upper hand coming into this episode but Eren was way too calm and we see that he was several steps ahead of his brother and has been pulling all the strings. This episode proved that one of them is going to have to kill one other and I personally believe Zeke will be the one that goes at the end of the day. After Zeke hugs Grisha in the Paths it just feels like a foreshadowing moment.