One Piece Episode 1064 Review: “Drunken Dragon Bagua! The Lawless Dragon closing in on Luffy”

One Piece Episode 1064 Review: "Drunken Dragon Bagua! The Lawless Dragon closing in on Luffy"

The animation in ‘One Piece’ episode 1064 was fantastic, with hilarious and epic fight scenes. The audience is even given a spoiler at the end of the episode.

While Luffy and Kaido continue their epic, the people of the Flower Capital begin to prepare for the festival’s climax, with women and children preparing sky lanterns.

Kaido steals the show when he gets drunk mid-fight, just as Luffy begins to gain the upper hand. I have to say that drunk Kaido is one of the most entertaining anime characters I’ve seen in recent memory. He’s sobbing about missing his banquet in the middle of a fight while getting the better of Luffy in their exchanges.

Drunk Kaido transformed into his dragon form “Sad Drunk Phase” and used “Dragon Demolition Twister.” He also enters his hybrid form “Crying Drunk Phase,” in which he is literally showing off at this point in the fight.

The fight took a minor turn when Kaido attempted to use Thunder Bagua, but Luffy kicked him in the face. He eventually grabs Luffy’s foot, resulting in the epic ACOC headbutt clash.

To be honest, One Piece’s animation budget has been non-existent since the manga outsold every single Batman comic ever created combined.

Kaido’s haki grows stronger after the epic headbutt and enters his hybrid form ‘Angry Drunk Phase,’ using ‘Blast Breath,’ but Luffy dodges it and counters with a new attack ‘Roc Gatling,’ resulting in Kaido using ‘Gundare Meteor Shower,’ causing both of them to take damage.

Luffy uses his bare hand to repel a ‘Thunder Bagua’ attack. He delivers a vital kick to Kaido’s stomach, causing him to spit blood. Even though Kaido is drunk, it appears that Luffy evolves as the fight progresses.

I personally despise it when the show cuts to a different scene during the main fight, but this scene was very telling. The episode goes inside Mary Geoise as the five elders discuss their plans for Nico Robin. It flashes to a massive shadow as World Government ships arrive in Wano.

The scene shifts back to Mary Geoise, where the five elders are discussing a certain devil fruit, revealing that they changed its name to conceal the truth about its true nature. They showed the fruit in a treasure chest in the episode.

Many people on social media are upset because Toei Animation spoiled certain characters’ devil fruit revealed in the latest episode.

For Manga readers, are you upset that they revealed this character’s devil fruit so early?

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