Black Student Suspended 100+ Days For Telling White Teacher At Park Hill High School To Stop Saying N*gger

A student at Park Hill High School has received an egregious suspension that will be over 100+ days because he confronted his teacher (who’s white) for constantly saying the N-Word, according to The Kansas City Defenders.

In the video you can see the student demanding the teacher to stop using the N-word and “don’t put it in your sentences,” to which the white teacher responds, “well you put it in yours.” The Black student says “yeah because I’m Black!” to which the white teacher responds “that’s illogical.”

The Park Hills High School teacher is still employed by the school district but has been placed on administrative leave. Many people have apparently reached out to The Kansas City Defenders claiming this isn’t the first time that this teacher has used the N-Word. The outlet also reported that the teacher has made racist jokes about Asians eating cats.

The district is investigating the incident and talking with eyewitnesses and their families. Any students or staff needing counseling following the incident are free to speak with the school’s counseling office.