Hope Antonelli: Saugerties High School English Teacher Gives Her Students Racist Assignment Saying George Floyd Died From a Drug Overdose

What are they teaching our kids these days?

An English teacher at Saugerties High School assigned her 9th grade students an assignment saying “George Floyd did not die because Derek Chauvin knee was on his neck. He died from a heart attack and drug overdose.”

Derek Chauvin was recently convicted for murdering George Floyd. This teacher is spreading false information to her students.

Hope Antonelli has been identified as the English teacher at Saugerties High School that’s spreading inaccurate and dangerous information.

Antonelli students have revealed to Dave NewsWorld that she is allegedly a Trump supporter, who’s against Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ Community, and wearing mask.

Saugerties Central School District is aware of the situation and will be reviewing the incident. They haven’t released any information about Hope Antonelli being relieved of her duties or disciplined in any manner for handing out such an assignment.