Kiki Ayers has a very inspirational story on how she transitioned working in the corporate world to owning her own business. During this transition Kiki had to overcome many challenges such as being homeless. Kiki knew if she wanted to get back on her feet. She would have to take actions into her own hands. She spent a year researching as much as possible about investments by consuming herself in Small Business articles and attending money advisory workshops. She learned about business from her favorite teacher, Google. Before, Ayers Publicity was created. Kiki worked for entertainment Mogul’s such as Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jerry Springer. Her work in production led to journalism. Last year alone she has interviewed everyone from Kevin Hart, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell and Ben Affleck to Nas, Jamie Foxx and Queen Latifah. Her connections in media inspired her to start her PR Company.  Ayers first PR assignment with her company was for Russell Simmons’ company All Def Digital. She brought more exposure to the movie, Major Deal. Ever since then Ayers has worked with Grammy Award winners, Actors, Fashion Designers, Comedians, and more businesses. Kiki also holds charitable events such as her Black Is Beautiful Brunch to inspire young black girls and she is currently partnering up with non profits across the US to teach STD Prevention Education in High Schools and Junior High’s in all 50 States. Ayers received a White Rose Award in Los Angeles on August 20th from the Purest Academy in honor of her work and contributions to the youth. She truly is an inspiration to many people in the world. You’re known for interviewing A-list celebrities in Hollywood, what made you want to start your own publicity company? KIKI: I wanted to start my own PR company because coming from a background of Entertainment Journalism, it only made sense. I didn’t have to force a relationship with the media because I am the media. All my best friends are also reporters for major companies. I also used to report for a lot of these publications. Not only is it a smart business move but it’s a passion. I take pride in helping people further their careers and improve their public image.  What’s the difficulties of owning your own business, can you describe some of the sacrifices you made for your business? KIKI: The difficulties of owning your own business is being responsible not only for your life and your well being but everyone’s around you. You can’t just focus on yourself. You have to take care of your clients and your employees. Your entire team is relying on you. It’s also a challenge at times to make the right move. In business what you say no to is more important than what you say yes to.  Where were you at when you first knew you wanted to start your own publicity company? KIKI: I was living homeless for a year in LA. I was always struggling to come up with every last dime to stay in and out of hostels. One night I had no where to stay and was sleeping in a hotel bathroom lobby of a hotel. In that moment all I could think about is how I went from living in a high rise beautiful apartment to a bathroom floor. That’s when I decided to launch Ayers Publicity. Who are some of the people who influenced you to start your own business?  KIKI: I didn’t really have anyone influence me to start my business because I’m a self taught publicist. I didn’t put much thought into it. I just kind of went from it and let my work speak for myself but I have the utmost respect for so many publicists. It’s definitely not an easy job.  Business owners usually say they never sleep because they are always thinking about their business. Can you describe the grind you have to go through everyday? KIKI: This is so true. At first I thought I was going insane because I wasn’t sleeping at all or even eating. My mind is constantly on my clients, what I have to do next and meeting my goals. It wasn’t until I spoke to other business owners that I understood this was common. It made me feel better. I think it’s a good thing though because you should never feel comfortable or satisfied. You should always want me. What goes into this is work 24/7. I definitely had to learn patience and time management.  For the people who don’t know you. You use to intern everywhere and then worked at Revolt and then transitioned to red carpet hosting. What are some of things you took from those experiences to make Ayers Publicity successful? KIKI: I’m so thankful for having worked for numerous publications and tv stations because through those experiences I realized I needed to pursue entrepreneurship. Are you currently looking for anymore clients? If so who would you like to work with? KIKI: I’m currently looking for business clients, people in tech, food business, marketing experts and app creators. I would love to move more into working with businesses.  What are some of your goals you want to accomplish this year with Ayers Publicity? KIKI: I am going to keep that to myself for now but everything is going to be bigger and better.  Follow Kiki Ayers on her social media platforms. Instagram@KikiAyers Twitter:@KikiAyers Follow AyersPublicity on their social media platforms: Instagram@AyersPublicity Facebook@AyersPublicity This is CEO TALK on WHEREISTHEBUZZZ.COM. Where you can find the inside scoop of a Boss Life.

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