ChellaH Expects To Break Barriers With Her Upcoming Project

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Born and raised in Chicago’s roughest neighborhood, Chella H aka MiChella Obama and Jennifer LowEnd, turned the peril of a fatherless household ,teenage pregnancy and a mother battling drug addiction for the majority of her childhood into an escape through music.

Chella survived, living her life on the streets, peddling drugs and boosting stores in her teens. At the age of 15 she was pregnant with a son and determined to steer him on a different path. Though it was an odyssey that saw her lose her brother and the father of her son in the same week, a heartbreak she had never experienced but one that moved her to withstand by honing her skill to conceptualize, create and connect. 

The Chicago born artist is the leader of “Mermaid Mafia” and founded entertainment label ABOVE WATER ENTERPRISES. She has expanded her brand into the film industry, currently set to star in four films. She also founded a podcast called Str8dropuncut with her co-host Bo Deal. Which is now one of the top ranked podcasts in Chicago.

Chella H’s realism, sense of humor and consistency have allowed her to gain attention as an independent artist, collaborating with acts such as Zaytoven, Honorable C-Note, Lil Durk, Trina, Shawnna, Kash Doll and SouljaBoy. She recently appeared on the Lip Service discussing her current singles “Frozen”, “You Can See It” and “How I’m Coming” off of her anticipated upcoming project “ABOVE WATER”. “The project is filled with a variety of hard hitting sounds combined with undeniable lyrics, hard core beats and a flow that you can’t resist. Always stay above water”, Chella H says.

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