Cyrilia Releases New Single, “Angels Singing”

Cyrilia Angel Singing

Songstress, Cyrilia sang her spectacular version of the National Anthem at the Dodger Game on the 21st to a standing ovation! “It was both exhilarating and unbelievable to perform in the stadium and to that crowd!” Now the artist turns to focus on her new single, “Singing Angels” out on all platforms.

Break-out songstress Cyrilia hails from Trinidad and Tobago and has recently burst on the music scene in America, signed with SwaggMedia and Craig Nobles.

Whilst meeting and working with top producers, labels, and A&Rs, Cyrilia was asked to participate in an event for the George Floyd Foundation and she sang her self-written original song, “I’m Still Here.” Cyrilia has pledged to donate proceeds from the song to GFF.

Her emotional performance was in front of members of the George Floyd Family, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and civil rights activist Ben Crump amongst others, and received a standing ovation and continuous accolades. Her newest single “Angels Singing” can be found on most major platforms and youtube.

“Angels Singing, my latest single, I consider to be a modern days’ womens’ anthem. The inspiration for this song comes from me taking ownership over my own femininity and becoming one with it and to me, there is something truly DIVINE about THAT!”

Cyrilia Angel Singing
Cyrilia Angel Singing

Currently, she is collaborating with an American Owned TV network, NBT (National Black Television) which does due diligence to amplify black voices, specifically within the Caribbean.

“Also, a couple of weeks ago, the honor was granted to me, to be working on a tribute album for a trailblazer in the music industry. That’s all the info I can share with you at this time about this project.”

What is next for Cyrilia? Lopez is looking to drop another single later this year and then her full album by the first quarter/ for more information check her out here.

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