DeWanda Wise Talks The Scariest Days on the set of Imaginary

DeWanda Wise is adept at managing strange encounters, whether they include a demonic soul-snatching teddy bear or a velociraptor. In her latest film, “Imaginary,” which opens in theaters on March 4th, Wise plays Jess, an artist with a vivid imagination who returns to her childhood home with her husband and two stepchildren.

The plot unfolds as her stepchildren, Alice and Taylor, deal with their mentally ill mother and reject the changes in their lives. However, a new beginning is critical for the family. Alice, the youngest stepdaughter, discovers an old teddy bear named Chauncey, whom she adopts as her new imagined best friend, finding peace in him despite her difficulties. As Alice’s relationship with Chauncey grows stronger, her behavior becomes increasingly disturbing, laying the groundwork for genuine terror.

It’s not uncommon to hear about strange happenings on horror movie sets. Halle Berry described her experience while filming 2003’s “Gothika,” describing unusual noises in the house she was staying in, leading her to flee. The cast of “Poltergeist” experienced its fair share of weird happenings.

During the production of “Imaginary,” one crew member’s home tragically caught fire, killing two pet cats. Interestingly, the film includes a fire, and the band name is “Burning Cats.” In a touching show of support, the cast and crew rallied behind their colleague during his time of need.

For Wise and her fellow cast and crew, the boundary between reel and real appears to blur at times, particularly in the creepy world of horror cinema.

Check out my interview with DeWanda Wise below, where we talk about “Imaginary,” her childhood, and more.

“Imaginary” opens in theaters on Friday, March 8th!

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