Does Instagram Want To Remove Black Lives Matter From Their Platform?

Social media users have been noticing that Instagram has been restricting accounts that have the “BLM” hashtag in their bio.

A Twitter username named Bella created a thread of people whose account has been getting restricted with the BLM hashtag in their bio.

Bella also went into Instagram community guidelines to see why the hashtag was causing accounts to be restricted and it appears that Instagram has BLM under a group that supports violent acts amid protest.

The giant social media platform also appears to be restricting accounts with Free Palestine and any social justice content in their bios.

Bella also claims Instagram is blocking the right to support Go Fund Me pages, charities, bail funds for BLM protestors.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram made a tweet last year about uplifting black voices and creators long term but it doesn’t look like it’s a long term commitment.

What are your thoughts?