Mattaniah “Muhtanya” Aytenfsu Creates A Painted Synthesizer

Mattaniah “Muhtanya” Aytenfsu is a 23-year-old artist, designer, and engineer. She is the definition of best of both worlds when it comes to art and tech.

Aytenfsu has accumulated over 100,000 followers on Tik Tok by showcasing her ability to the world.

One of her latest Tik Toks of her creating a painted synthesizer is making its rounds on social media. She spoke about the creation on her creative tech experiment Instagram account.

Muhtanya said: “Painted this canvas literally in December 2020 and finally got around to wiring it up a year later!! The black paint is conductive and I built out the circuit on the back of the canvas with copper tape (with the help of kitty). Wired it up with a microcontroller that wirelessly talks to my laptop and triggers a customizable audio library.”

She continued: I was only able to map out 5 different keys/notes last night but I designed the painting to be able to trigger up to 12 different notes so more on this to come soon!!! if I don’t end up getting distracted by another project yet again.”

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