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Everything Great about the Live Action Avatar the Last Airbender

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If you also grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon, then we are pretty sure that you would be just as ecstatic as we were when we heard that a live-action version of the show came out on Netflix a couple of days ago.

However, we were pretty scared of how the show would turn out because we already had our expectations tainted when the live-action movie titled The Last Airbender came out in 2010. Even though the movie was directed by the legendary M. Night Shyamalan, who is very well-known for his movies, this one was so bad that we were skeptical about the show this year.

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Today we will be talking about everything great about Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix and why you should consider watching it. There might be a few spoilers ahead but nothing that would hurt if you have watched the cartoons before. So be sure to read to the end and join us in having a few “fangirl moments”. Let’s get into it!

1. How does the Show Compare to the Animated Series?

The animated series was so well-written, which is why we love the series even after all these years. The series were succeeded by The Legend of Korra but it didn’t perform as well as its predecessor. However, here we will compare the live-action show with the animated series.

The show did a pretty good job of trying to mimic everything that was shown in the animated series. There were even moments such as Aang riding the airball in the opening of the animated series which was recreated in the show when the trio visited Kyoshi Village for the first time. You would be glad to see all the small details that have been carried from the animated show to the live-action one!

2. Is the Casting Good This Time?

Here, we won’t compare the live-action show with the animated one but we will rather compare the show with the movie that dropped in 2010. The show is most certainly ahead by a lot in terms of the casting, because all of the characters have an Asian descent, as it should have been. In contrast to that, the movie was completely whitewashed and the casting made no sense at all.

Every actor does complete justice to their character in the show, with Sokka being the eldest, then Katara slightly older than Aang and Aang who despite being trapped in ice for 100 years is still a child. The actors also look like mirror images of their animated

counterparts in the way that they look and even in terms of the behavior each of them has. Even Zuko’s actor made sure to seem serious and dedicated while maintaining Zuko’s emotional vulnerability at the same time. So we can easily say we are really glad with the cast that the show has.

3. Did they Nail the Elemental Bending?

If you are aware of the story, you would know that the show and the animated series are about elemental bending which includes air bending, water bending, earth bending, and fire bending. The Avatar is the only person who can master all four elements so that they can save the world from the war that the Fire Nation has started so that they can take control.

The Avatar in the show is Aang, who is an airbender and he needs to learn all the other types of bending so that he can put a stop to the fire nation. His journey is all that the show is about. Did they nail the elemental bending in the show? Yes, they did. They tried to show it as realistically as possible!

4. How are the Visual Effects in the Show?

The show is great from a visual perspective, thankfully so that we live in the era of powerful CGI. Not only were they brilliant in terms of the elemental bending but the effects were even great when they showed magical creatures such as Aang’s flying Bison Appa, his pet flying Lemur Momo, and even the larger-than-life badger mole in the City of Omashu.

Ending Note

So if you’ve ever wondered what the world of Avatar The Last Airbender would look like in real life, then you need to check out the show. They tried their absolute best to show everything like the animated series and they did a pretty good job!

So, now whenever you get the chance and if you feel like reliving your childhood memories, you should sit back and binge on the first season of Avatar The Last Airbender so that you can join the bandwagon too!

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