Holly Robinson Peete Talks “Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After”

Holly Robinson Peete produce Back with Murder Ever After for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

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Holly Robinson Peete is back at it again. I mean, seriously, this superwoman does everything! Producer tirelessly advocates for autism and all-around good human. This spring, Holly Robinson Peete is back with another installation from the Morning Show Mysteries titled “Murder Ever After.” After the discovery of human bones in a basement, an entire small town is shaken to the core with fear, suspense and accusations pointed —a true “Who done it, and why mystery!” The all-new, original “Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After” premieres Sunday, May 23 at 8/7c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

We had the opportunity to interview Holly Robinson Peete about her new show Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After.

Co-Producers Holly Robinson Peete and Al Roker have partnered again to tell the ultimate murder mystery. Holly stars as Billie Blessings, an overzealous, top morning show producer whose curiosity gets the best of her. Billie takes the investigation into her own hands and starts to unravel the mystery, incriminating people she cares about and risking her own life to uncover the truth. Starring alongside Holly Robinson Peete, is Karen Robinson, whose character Cassandra keeps it real with Billie. She holds no punches when it comes to speaking her mind and protecting her niece Billie. In the end, Billie is forced to put away one of her childhood friends in the name of justice.

Holly Robinson Peete’s past credits include Fox’s drama 21 Jump Street and ABC’s iconic comedy “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.” In addition, she served as one of the original co-hosts on The Talk, an Emmy Award-winning CBS Daytime show. Robinson Peete’s role as an activist and philanthropist is also significant, as she created The Hollyrod Foundation to advocate for compassionate care for those living with autism and Parkinson’s disease following her oldest son’s autism diagnosis.

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