J Hus Returns With Explosive New Track ‘IT’S CRAZY’

J Hus Returns With Explosive New Track ‘IT’S CRAZY’

J Hus, the UK Rap darling and Afro-fusion pioneer, has released his explosive new single ‘It’s Crazy’ today.

‘It’s Crazy,’ produced by Fumes (Rimzee, MoStack) and The Elements (Burna Boy, AJ Tracey, Headie One), features a fast-paced visual directed by Taz Tron Delix (Stormzy, Headie One, Calvin Harris).

J Hus arrives in a black Mercedes Benz, a nod to the iconic “came in a black Benz / left in a white one” lyric from ‘Common Sense’ single ‘Did You See?’ surrounded by a slew of friends. Hus stares intently into the camera before engaging in a dusty battle with figures of authority. The spray-painted phrase “Don’t Say Militancy” adorns a wall, echoing the catchphrase Hus has shared on social media in the lead-up to this release.

J Hus has been announced as the featured artist for TikTok’s #NewMusic, the global discovery hub for the hottest new releases, to commemorate his return. TikTok’s #NewMusic has over 20 billion views and is the go-to place for discovering new sounds, and Hus fans have been clamoring for his return.

Hus creeps closer into view, commanding the spacey production that builds with each verse, shouting out Omar from ‘The Wire,’ and wanting to beef each and every one of his peers. Close your eyes and listen: you can almost see the spit glistening against the mic, the rage in your ears.

As Hus returns with lyrical menace to claim his throne against the posers, there are instructions (“I’m the Farda, giving orders”) and reflections on how little fame matters in the pursuit of power (“I don’t care if I’m a superstar”). The hook should be repeated. “The devil within me/the demon within me.” It all comes down to Hus holding up a mirror to the world around us, a world that has been flipped.

The release of the single coincides with the six-year anniversary of “Common Sense.” Hus’ generation-defining street rap tracks ‘Dem Boy Paigon,’ ‘Lean and Bop,’ and ‘Friendly’ proved he could make a crowd dance, and cause mayhem in the process: a brand new feat for the UK music scene.

Hus’ second album, ‘Big Conspiracy,’ was released just over three years ago and earned him a BRIT Award for Best British Male.

More than six years have passed since ‘Common Sense’ turned heads and cemented him as a rap king; and in the time between both albums, he nabbed multiple features on award-winning, best-selling records from some of the music industry’s most legendary artists (Dave, Skepta, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran).

Nonetheless, the demand for new music from Hus has been so high in the aftermath of his previous two albums that his return feels like a long-awaited homecoming for a deeply revered leader.

The stage has been set. The man goes by several monikers, including Uju Militer, The Farda, Ezmalay, and The Ugliest (so named after his clothing line of the same name). However, there is only one J Hus.

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