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Jayd Ink links up with SZA ‘Good Days’ producer Los Hendrix for royal return – ‘Queen St’

by Talia M.
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Jayd Ink makes a welcome return with her smooth, meditative and self-reflective new single ‘Queen St’. Marking her first release since 2021’s ‘Way to Long’ with Snowk and following on from the huge success of ‘LowKey’ with fellow artist Full Crate, Jayd links up now with none other than SZA’s ‘Good Days’ producer Los Hendrix, to deliver a sentimental track enveloped in class, oozing with flair and dripping in complete and utter finesse.

Demonstrating yet again that she is an exciting contender in the realms of R&B royalty, ‘Queen St’ is quietly confident, intuitive, and gorgeously understated. Reminiscent of the unmistakable sounds from the classic 90’s R&B era, Jayd manages to capture the essence of the greats all whilst weaving her unique threads into the rich, vibrant tapestry of her music.

Showcasing her undeniable caliber and artistic prowess which is perfectly encapsulated through her velvet vocal and liquescent tone, every note cascades with precision; tumbling onto a bed studded with soft, relaxed, chill-hop style beats. ‘Queen St’ emanates an air of serenity and sensuality, much like the name suggests, its regal nature emits beauty and grace rarely found but highly coveted.

With more to it than initially meets the eye ‘Queen St’ was penned during the pandemic and became an outlet for Jayd to contemplate her internal, introspective narrative. The single found its name later on in the writing process and if you’re familiar with Toronto you may be well attuned to the place to which it pertains, as Jayd explains,

“To clear my head, I like to go for a ride, play some music or just drive in silence. This record is about sitting with yourself and going for that late drive to unwind from the day. Queen Street is a popular street in Toronto, it’s where the majority of people do most of their shopping and hang out. During the lockdown, it was deserted, so it was a perfect drive and I’d never seen it so empty. Whilst I was going for these rides I found myself exploring my city with fresh eyes, connecting with it in new ways, and just learning to appreciate the memories that I’d had here and this particular street struck a chord and stood out to me, like never before.”

With this newest offering, it’s crystal clear that Jayd Ink has nothing to prove, carrying herself with the well-earned knowledge that she has carved out her exclusive path in the industry, in which she continues to bloom, flourish and grow at a pace defined by her. Prepare for a Summer of splendor as Jayd gets set to reveal her upcoming EP ‘Catching Red Lights’.

Enigmatic, intuitive, and calmly contemplative, ‘Queen St’ is soothing yet invigorating, a staple song to add to your Summertime and Cruisin’ Around playlists. Partnered with an equally nostalgic style video, ‘Queen St’ makes for a head-turning comeback, nothing short of majesty.

“A few years ago I was feeling stuck, lost in my thoughts, and unmotivated. I was in my head a lot about my life, my purpose, and what’s next. I felt like I was stuck in Toronto, not being able to travel like I used to, had me feeling a bit stagnant. I used to go for drives in the nighttime to see the empty streets during the lockdown. “Queen Street”, one of the busiest streets in Toronto, was now almost vacant. I thought – perfect… but this song went through many stages, it was first called “Stuck in Toronto” until I met the producer Los Hendrix in Los Angeles. He played this beautiful melody that I fell in love with. What I had before didn’t feel the same so I rewrote it and named it – Queen St. ”

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