Josh Weitkamp: Loto Lounge Drunk Bartender Refuses to Accept Military Soldiers ID and Destroys It

A video of a Bartender named Josh Weitkamp disrespecting members of our military is going viral.

One of the soldiers named Noel Cook recorded the entire incident, here is what he wrote on his Facebook.

“Myself and 5 other military friends were at Loto Lounge where this drunk bartender (Josh Weitkamp) started to destroy someone’s military ID because he “used to be a cop and knows what an ID is supposed to look like” and bends her card and throws it in the trash, refusing to let us retrieve it and just leave. So he tells us to call the cops.”

Noel reveals Weitkamp coworkers were trying to help the situation by calling the cops so they can handle the situation. Since WeitKamp was getting out of hand.

“If you can see, the blonde bartender is 1) urging us to call the cops and 2) also calls the cops. I appreciate her efforts since she realizes that he is getting out of hand. I’ve never been more heated about a non-racial interaction with someone and the straight disrespect he had for fellow service members ESPECIALLY when some of us (if not all) joined the military because of 9/11 and how it shaped our upbringing.”

Weitkamp issued an apology to the soldiers at the bar and reveals he was drunk on the job.

The incident took place Loto Lounge in Osage Beach, Missouri.

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