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Netflix Announces New Romance Series from Japan Starring Shun Oguri, Han Hyo-Joo, Yuri Nakamura, and Jin Akanishi

by Diana Wilson
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Netflix has revealed the production of a new romance series from Japan, featuring a stellar international cast and top-tier creative talents. Based on the acclaimed French film “Les Émotifs anonymes” (English: Romantics Anonymous), the series promises a charming blend of romance and humor, set against a backdrop of unique challenges faced by its protagonists.

The story begins with a serendipitous meeting between a man and a woman, both avid chocolate enthusiasts, who struggle with their own anxiety disorders. The man is unable to physically touch others, while the woman finds it difficult to make eye contact, setting the stage for a touching and humorous exploration of their relationship.

Cast and Characters:

  • Shun Oguri stars as Sosuke Fujiwara, the new representative of a popular chocolate shop “Le Sauveur” and son of a major confectionery magnate. Sosuke’s germophobia, rooted in a traumatic past, complicates his professional and personal life.
  • Han Hyo-Joo portrays Hana Lee, a talented but socially anxious chocolatier who works at “Le Sauveur” under a concealed identity. She battles her fears while striving to maintain her passion for chocolate-making.
  • Yuri Nakamura plays Irene, a renowned psychologist and author who helps both Sosuke and Hana with their respective issues, while grappling with her own struggles.
  • Jin Akanishi is Hiro Takada, the owner of the bar “Brush” and a longtime friend of Sosuke. He shares a special connection with Hana’s mentor and becomes a key figure in the story.

Production Team:

  • Director: Sho Tsukikawa, known for his work on “Yu Yu Hakusho,” brings his expertise in romantic films to the series.
  • Production Designer: Lee Ha Jun, acclaimed for his work on “Parasite,” leads the design of the central chocolate boutique set.
  • Editor: Yang Jin Mo, also from “Parasite,” handles the editing.
  • Music Director: Dalpalan, an award-winning veteran, is responsible for the series’ music.

The series is the first Japanese production by YONG FILM, known for “Believer 2” and “20th Century Girl.” It is developed and produced in collaboration with the Netflix team in Japan, aiming for a global audience.

Talents Statements:

Shun Oguri expressed his excitement about the project: “An amazing cast and crew quickly came together, and I was very excited to start. We’re diligently examining the nuances and differences between the Japanese and Korean languages to make this work better.”

Han Hyo-Joo shared her enthusiasm: “It’s been exciting to work on a Japanese project again. Despite challenges due to the collaborative nature of this project, I’m truly enjoying working with the director, my co-actors, and our staff.”

Yuri Nakamura highlighted the importance of communication: “Working with a cast and staff from different language backgrounds has really highlighted the importance of communication. We’re all putting our best efforts into this project.”

Jin Akanishi remarked on the international collaboration: “Despite challenges like language barriers and cultural differences, I’m having a fun and valuable experience. The dedication of the Korean staff to improve their Japanese has been impressive.”

Director Sho Tsukikawa commented on the collaborative effort: “The Japanese and Korean staff and cast are working together while respecting each other’s cultures and opinions. It’s an exhilarating process, and we’re committed to delivering something exceptional.”

Lim Seung Young, Production and Showrunner from YONG FILM, reflected on the decade-long development: “I am truly delighted to witness the process of a project coming to fruition after 10 years of development. I hope this work will be loved and garner the interest of many worldwide.”

Makiko Okano, Executive Producer, added: “The top-notch staff and cast from both countries respect each other’s cultures and weave a beautiful story with pride. Please look forward to it.”

The untitled romance series is currently in production and set to premiere on Netflix in 2025.

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