One Piece Episode 1065 Review: “The Destruction of the Alliance?! Fire up, the Will of the New Generation!”

One Piece Episode 1065 Review: "The Destruction of the Alliance?! Fire up, the Will of the New Generation!"

The latest ‘One Piece’ episode titled “The Destruction of the Alliance?! Fire up, the Will of the New Generation!” It begins by stressing me out because it appears rough for all of my characters.

The first fifteen minutes of the episode just shows all of my favorite characters either looking lifeless or getting their ass kicked.

After Jimbei saves many lives, the episode goes dark for the Strawhats pirates. The next scene has Chopper concerned about Zoro’s health; the new King of Hell appears lifeless and is greeted by the grim reaper, but the show takes a different turn.

I have a lot of questions. Is Zoro alright? Is Zoro doomed? Is the grim reaper going to crown Zoro King of Hell? I’m not sure how many episodes we’ll have to wait to see Zoro and the Grim Reaper interact, but it’s bound to be a classic.

The episode only gets worse. They’ve got Izo, the Whitebeard Pirates’ 16th Division Commander, getting ready to battle the CP0 while already critically wounded and pretty much on his last breath.

I believe Izo is more likely to die than Zoro because his captain is already gone and he is technically not required to be in the show, but I sincerely hope that is not the case.

The episode now shifts to the main event, which pits Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid against Big Mom. All hope of defeating the Yonko is dashed as she completely crushes the pirates.

Trafalgar Law reminds Big Mom that he is him just as she begins to enjoy herself. By enlarging his sword and injecting anesthesia into the Yonko, Law unleashes a devastatingly powerful attack. The stab pierces her arm all the way to her jaw, leading bystanders to believe she is dead. Even so, Big Mom is unfazed. Knowing this, Trafalgar Law uses “Shock Wille,” knocking her to the ground.

Eustass Kid finally gets back on his feet to assist Law, who has been carrying the burden of this fight. Kid employs a potent “Punk Corna Dio” against her. They are using all of their strength to prevent Big Mom from joining Kaido on the roof. If the two Yonko fought side by side, the pirates and samurai would be defeated.

From Zoro’s scene with the grump reaper to Law enlarging his sword and injecting the Yonko with anesthesia to stab Big Mom, I enjoy the animation in this episode. I had no expectations for this episode because I assumed it would be a light episode before things picked up and became more serious.

The fight between Trafalgar D. Law and Kid vs Big Mom will be included in ‘One Piece’ episode 1066. According to reports, the episode will be rescheduled for June 25th. It will also make anime history when Henry Thurlow, previously of D’Art Shtaijo, becomes the first non-Japanese director.

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