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Written By: David Sullivan

NIPSEY HUSSLE’s store was the first “smart” clothing store in history. You were able to purchase a shirt or pieces of clothing with each tag scannable. Once purchased that activates it and then you’re able to go home, take a photo of the QR code, and listen to unreleased Nipsey Hussle music. Included were major artists he collabed with and was available for you to download WITHOUT the use of apple music, tidal, spotify, and pandora…….THREE DAYS before anyone heard it. #GENIUS

That money was used to fund the restaurants surrounding his own store, to renovate them and to make them healthier eating choices for the community. #POWERFUL

He chose that area because some of the youth and adults typically didn’t have cars, so their options of good clothing and healthier food choices were a challenge to get to. He made an easily accessible way for them to make legitimate purchases. #THOUGHTFUL

He teamed up with David Gross to launch a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) program in his hometown of Crenshaw for the youth, bridging the gap between silicon valley and inner city kids. That campaign was entitled: “Too Big To Fail”. #GREATNESS

He chose realty over bankruptcy due to the industries push in expensive vehicles, diamonds, and other things he knew he couldn’t afford. #RESPECT

The way he looked at Lauren, you KNEW it was different from the rest of these wack celebrity relationships. It was LOVE. HE HAD RESPECT FOR WOMEN. He had a documentary with Steph Curry on the importance of respecting your mother and grandmother, and it’s significance on how you’ll treat your wife. Nipsey said to Steph: “I just don’t want to be a hypocrite to my own kids in the way a woman should be treated”. You respect your mother, you respect your woman, in turn, your children can have a solid example of greatness. #RIPNIPSEY????????????

Prayers sent to Lauren London and family…

Nipsey’s Store:

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