Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Bipartisan Tax Compromise for Immediate Relief

Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Bipartisan Tax Compromise for Immediate Relief

Representative Ilhan Omar, Vice Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, expressed her support for H.R. 7024, the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act, during a key House vote. Omar underlined the legislation’s immediate financial relief for her constituents, noting its favorable impact on working-class families.

While applauding the enhancements to the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, Omar voiced dissatisfaction, indicating that these adjustments, while significant, went short in satisfying crucial requirements. She noted that the CTC improvements might help up to 34,000 youngsters in the 5th District in their first year, emphasizing the potential good impact on local communities.

Despite her support for the bipartisan effort, Omar criticized Congressional Republicans for their lack of meaningful engagement. She bemoaned the squandered opportunities for comprehensive support for working families, including the American Rescue Plan’s expanded CTC’s permanent implementation. Omar accused Republicans of prioritizing corporate tax incentives before meeting the needs of children and families.

Omar’s statement reaffirmed her commitment to fighting for an egalitarian economy that puts people’s well-being ahead of political considerations. She advocated for a shift in budget and economic policy goals, emphasizing the public interest rather than special interests.

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s full statement on the House vote for the Bipartisan Tax Deal can be found below:

“Tonight, I voted for the bipartisan tax compromise to bring immediate financial relief to my constituents. While the improvements to the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit are nowhere near enough to meet critical needs, these changes signify worthwhile down payments in the well-being of working-class families, benefiting as many as 34,000 kids in the 5th District in the first year.

“I am still disappointed knowing how much more could have been done for working families if Congressional Democrats had serious partners across the aisle. The enhanced CTC from the American Rescue Plan helped cut child poverty in half, and Republicans refused to help us make it permanent. Republicans shamefully used their time in divided government to take advantage of the needs of kids and families to prioritize billions more in unnecessary tax breaks for corporations.  

“Our budget and economic policy priorities must be truly centered on the public interest and not special interests. I voted for this package to make this small but important step toward progress. I will continue to fight for an equitable economy that prioritizes people over politics.”

-Rep. Ilhan Omar

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