If you are a Marvel fan then you know that Marvel has been hard at work releasing back stories from our super hero and favorite villains. Speaking of favorite villain, Loki has done a good job of playing with heart strings : either you love him or hate him. So imagine getting to know different Loki’s from all walks of life

Loki the television series is the story about the the God of Mischief and takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” Loki stumbles across many different versions of himself and explores the world and discovers what happens when you mess with “the timeline”

I had the amazing opportunity to interview the legendary actor Richard E Grant who plays “Classic Loki” in episode 5. Classic Loki was the first Loki that was introduced to fans in the comic books so it was a pleasure see actor Richard Grant in the classic Loki costume. Richard stated that he was a fan of everything Marvel and followed Loki’s journey because he was a fan of actor Tom Hiddleston. He said he always thought he and tom resembled each other so he was delighted we he learned he got the role of “Classic Loki”

Richard took to social media and posted a funny and cheeky video of himself on set with actor Owen Wilson. Richard stated that though they filmed during the pandemic, he had an amazing time on set with the actors and was happy to get out of the house and to be working again!

No Spoilers here but if you seen the end of episode 5 you know what happens in the end, But i could not help myself and ask Richard if he thought the audience may see Classic Loki in the future. Richard said he was not sure himself but he enjoyed and approved the ending of episode 5 and thought he went out with a bang!

Loki : Season finale airs Wednesday 7/14 and Loki is now renewed for Season 2