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Freeform’s “The Come Up” Cast Talks New Show

by Kori Barnes
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This Gen Z cast has brought the doc-reality series their generation needed.

Based in NYC in the city that never sleeps, this series follows 6 creatives trying to navigate relationships, friendships, hardships, success, and their careers in this docu-series that’s completely unfiltered to the harsh realities of what’s currently happening in the world. To “Come Up” during an age depicted by social media and comparisons, mental health has become a further growing concern throughout society. Coming of age during pandemics and world crises have propelled the childhoods of Gen Z to adapt and find their way in a world that many never knew before.

Although, this has given Gen Z the chance for this generation to redefine exactly who they are and what they want out of life – in all spaces. The courage and power to take their generation forward with implementing change and leaving a positive impact on the world. I had the pleasure of speaking with “The Come Up” cast about what this new Gen Z series meant for their future. Ben Hard, a rising performer, and photographer touched on during our interview that there are “so many more beautiful things to come and to keep looking for that and striving for it.”

Not only was the cast excited to show more in-depth experiences about their lives so that viewers can feel more connected, but their fashion style was also definitely something they wanted to showcase their personalities through.

One of the beloved aspects that Ebon Trower, a rising entertainer, and socialite, spoke about in the show is the comforting atmosphere that was created within the docu-series and what she wanted fans to take away from their experience. “The reason I decided to go with this entire process is that I definitely would like people to realize that Queer and Trans youth can have very happy and honest lives,” she said.

“I think there are a lot of movies, series, and shows that I’ve seen that are very negative when it comes to Queer people in general. I think this show does an amazing job and that the producers do an amazing job at just making sure everyone is seen as authentic with a lot of smiles and laughs”.

“The Come Up” cast wishes Gen Z viewers to feel unstoppable while working on that special “something” that brings aspirations and dreams. As well as giving the grace for yourself within their paths as they try to figure out this thing we call life.

The newest Freeform series is now streaming on their platform.

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