Reginae Carter and Toya Johnson-Rushing Talk New Reality Show Toya & Reginae

Reginae Carter and Toya Johnson-Rushing Talk New Reality Show Toya & Reginae

“Can’t nobody cancel me but god”

Toya Johnson and Reginae Carter are no strangers to the spotlight, having been two of the most talked-about TV personalities in recent years. This mother-daughter dynamic duo has received its fair share of scrutiny and criticism as they’ve been dissected on all the latest platforms, but they have no fear in their hearts for any haters. Reginae clarifies that no one can “cancel” her in the midst of “cancel culture” but God, as Toya admires her daughter’s strength despite being raised in the public eye since birth.

As each mother and daughter duo goes through their own situations to better understand and overcome each other, the support and unconditional love will never waver. Standing 10 toes down and solid is a motto they’ve instilled in their family and is critical to the strength of their family’s legacy. Toya and Reginae are ready to let the world into their true reality and better understand who they indeed are, rather than how the media portrays them. Although the media can be cruel, their family gives each other the time they need to figure things out.

Toya and Reginae hope that their mother-daughter dynamic will be relatable to viewers who want to learn more about their own relationships. Ups and downs are to be expected in any relationship. Still, Toya has seen the growth of witnessing your child blossom into a strong independent woman come full circle within Reginae and how they both navigate the world around them with any circumstances.

Make sure to tune in for this new reality series on WE tv on Thursday, August 24 at 9 pm ET. Watch the full interview with Reginae and Toya down below.


Chukwudi Iwuji Talks Playing The High Evolutionary In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Chukwudi Iwuji Talks Playing The High Evolutionary In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Fans of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise should brace themselves for one final thrill ride.

Chukwudi Iwuji, who plays ‘The High Evolutionary,’ the lead villain in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ discusses how much he enjoys playing a Marvel character who is the polar opposite of himself and mastering character development for this role.

Iwuji goes on to discuss the depths of training that non-actors looking into the entertainment industry may underestimate in terms of what it takes to truly prepare for and be consumed by a role. He advises any young actor or actress who has a similar dream of possibly starring in a major film or Marvel franchise, saying, “Don’t start at the end, start at the beginning.”

He never expected to be a Marvel actor, but he attributes his success to his craft and product of study. Studying the script and doing your homework for any production is an important aspect that will distinguish between actors and actresses who are truly hungry for the grind.

Iwuji confirmed that it was his craft that drew Marvel’s attention and gave him the opportunity to further flesh out his character. One of the most important aspects of acting is seeing one’s imagination come to life through the work of an artist.

Not only will this final installment of the Marvel franchise be received as a proper and official farewell by fans, but Iwuji is also confident that fans will be satisfied with how it all ends. Fans can expect any cliffhangers and unanswered questions from the previous films to be resolved in the final installment of the epic series.

The full interview with Chukwudi Iwuji can be found below.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be released in theaters on Friday, May 5th.

Ms. Pat and Jordan E. Cooper Talk THE MS. PAT SHOW Season 3

Ms. Pat and Jordan E. Cooper Talk THE MS. PAT SHOW Season 3

The mother of grown-ass comedy is back as the Emmy-nominated THE MS. PAT SHOW returns for a brand-new, ‘did she just say that,’ ‘oh yes they went there’ season.

Based on Ms. Pat’s incredible real-life journey, this critically acclaimed “grown-folks sitcom” tells the story of Pat, a teen mom and former convicted felon from inner-city Atlanta turned suburban Indiana mom, and her loving family as they navigate life’s twists and turns. We’ve seen them adjust and heal, and now, it’s time to grow. 
Season 3 finds Ms. Pat on a stand-up tour opening for one of her comedy heroes and nothing can stop her… Except maybe her kids, both Medicaid and Blue Cross, who will have to learn how to rely on themselves and each other. Her sister/assistant/manager Denise will have to learn how to take care of herself like she does others. Her husband Terry will have to learn that it’s okay to ask for help and support. And even Pat herself, as she learns how to juggle family and her newfound fame.
In the show’s signature style, this new season continues to address tough topics with in-your-face humor that hits hard truths and funny bones with unfiltered love (and a little unfiltered language) and continues to prove why THE MS. PAT SHOW is “one of the hilarious & criminally underrated multi-camera sitcoms on TV” (Salon). Come on, it’s time to go – Ms. Pat is hitting the road!

We had the opportunity to interview Ms. PAT and Jordan E. Cooper about the new season.

The new season of THE MS. PAT SHOW exclusively premiered on BET+ on February 23.

“The Watchful Eye” Cast and Show-runner Talks New Series

“The Watchful Eye” Cast and Show-runner Talks New Series

We had the opportunity to interview the cast and showrunner of Freeform’s new series “The Watchful Eye,” which debuts tomorrow.

“The Watchful Eye” follows Elena Santos, a young woman with a complicated past, maneuvering her way into working as a live-in nanny for an affluent family in Manhattan. She quickly learns that everyone in the mysterious building has deadly secrets and ulterior motives. What they don’t know, however, is that Elena has some shocking secrets of her own.

The series got created by Julie Durk. Emily Fox (“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”) serves as showrunner and executive producer. Ryan Seacrest, Nina Wass, Andrea Shay, and Jeffrey Reiner are also executive producers.

‘THE WATCHFUL EYE’ premieres on Freeform on Monday, January 30th, with the first two episodes airing back to back. From there, one episode will air each week. All episodes will be available to stream on Hulu the day after they air.



Raised in the College Park community of Atlanta, it’s a well-known fact that Jermaine Dupri continuously makes appearances at Atlanta events and gives back to his supporters. Recently, Dupri and LVRN hosted an album listening party for DSVN at the Red Martini in Atlanta, GA. This was a private event to receive feedback regarding the release of DVSN’s album which has been officially released today.

DVSN titled his newest album “Working On My Karma” and explained to the crowd at the listening party what the inspiration was behind it. “Working on my Karma” is the theme behind their album as it takes you through a personal journey as to what it means to be better than where or who you were yesterday. That it’s important to see and accept the flaws of yourself and others but to make sure you hold them both equally accountable. The life lesson is that what you give out is often what you get back – so be careful of Karma.

I appreciated the concept of DVSN not only focusing on the ups and downs throughout relationships but also the experiences of life trials as well. The preview of tracks “Tired” and “What goes around, comes back around” stood out to me as I bobbed my head to the melody. Surrounding me I could see that other people thoroughly enjoyed the tracks as well, so they decided to restart them again due to the praise. Taraji P. Henson sat in with Dupri and the DSVN section supporting the brand throughout the preview of the album.

Atlanta has always been known for its eccentric fashion, and this event was nothing less of it. Some guests expressed their fashion through entire leather jackets and pants attire, and others wore different prints mixed with bold colors. The backdrop of the event played images of a woman with neon hair, clothes, and lips in different colors, so the attendees dressed for the occasion.

Although the event was held from 7-9, DVSN was able to play the album a few times so that more people could resonate with the tracks and the inspiration behind them. As soon as certain songs were replayed he gave the audience a chance to react positively or negatively to the track. Overall the audience and fans were highly pleased with Working on my Karma.