The Highlights of the 2023 ESSENCE Girls United Disruptor Summit, Featuring Celebrities and Activists

The Highlights of the 2023 ESSENCE Girls United Disruptor Summit, Featuring Celebrities and Activists

Gen Z is next in line to make the decisions. 

“Era of Disruption” was the main theme and concept of the ESSENCE Girls United summit this year. Not only is the connotation of disruption significant in breaking barriers but forging your own path and ideas in the midst of a highly scrutinized society is essential. Celebrities, panelists, and performances such as Jordyn Woods, Jodie Woods, BIA, Muni Long, Aaliyah’s Interlude, Mariah The Scientist, and more were in attendance at the Atlanta event.

Coming off a success from the previous year’s ESSENCE Girls United Summit, this “Disruptor” theme kept their innovative and creative ideas engaged with their audience. The venue consisted of an ESSENCE carpet for attendees to take pictures with a complimentary photographer, a Coca-Cola mocktail mixer, a Photo Booth station, a mentoring workshop, a flower station, an airbrush station, a Jamaican food trunk, and more at the event. This safe space for Black women and young girls was filled with laughter as the event led to opportunities for further networking and support amongst each other.

Rechelle Dennis, Co-founder of ESSENCE Girls United, expressed the importance of preparing our next leaders to make an impactful and positive difference in the world. “The 2023 summit will celebrate and highlight the powerful voices and creativity among today’s youth, as we unite to fellowship around topics and issues ranging from wellness to fashion and culture. The Era of Disruption aims to bring GU audiences to the forefront, as we collectively amplify the power of unity. ESSENCE GU continues to embrace the values of empowerment and leadership.”

Black women are constantly judged and criticized in every aspect throughout society, but the “Era of Disruption” is becoming the individual you were always destined to be. There is power in knowing who you are and how you can significantly contribute to further improving our society.   

As ESSENCE Girls United continues to inspire and empower a new generation of disruptors, we can definitely anticipate another summit event for next year. After ESSENCE GU’s continuous success with their impact on the community, we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

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