Lovie Simone Discusses Embodying Mary Simms in Apple TV+’s ‘Manhunt’

Lovie Simone Discusses Embodying Mary Simms in Apple TV+'s 'Manhunt'
Apple TV+’s latest true crime limited series, “Manhunt,” is based on the thrilling narrative of James L. Swanson’s best-selling nonfiction book. The seven-part series, which will premiere globally on March 15, 2024, promises a riveting study of one of history’s most interesting mysteries: John Wilkes Booth’s pursuit after President Abraham Lincoln’s killing. With its streaming debut, “Manhunt” has a star-studded ensemble cast led by Tobias Menzies (“The Crown”), as well as Anthony Boyle, Lovie Simone, and Patton Oswalt. Each episode will reveal the nuances of the post-assassination mayhem, encouraging viewers to dig into America’s dark past. At the center of this cinematic journey is an enigmatic figure: Mary Simms, played by the great Lovie Simone. In an exclusive interview with Kori Nicole Barnes, Simone discussed the appeal of her character and the careful preparation required to portray a historical figure. Simone’s portrayal highlights the often-overlooked contribution of women in crucial historical moments. Simone’s portrayal of Mary Simms, a character profoundly enmeshed in the fabric of the Lincoln assassination tragedy, is a moving reminder of the multiple narratives that have been woven throughout history. Simone immerses herself in Simms’ world with great attention to detail, bringing to life a figure whose importance has long been overshadowed by larger-than-life events.
“Manhunt” is a collaborative masterwork produced by Apple Studios and co-produced by Lionsgate Television, with respected partners like POV Entertainment and Walden Media. With a team of experienced executives and producers at the helm, including Swanson himself, the project promises a gripping blend of historical accuracy and dramatic storytelling.

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