Most stories depicting historical figures have gone without their voices being heard and their stories being known, but thank goodness for Glen Powell and J.D. Dillard new film “Devotion,” the audience will now know who Jesse L. Brown is. 

Jesse Brown was a Navy officer and the first black naval aviator who was unfortunately killed in the Korea war in 1950. 

Jesse’s story was first published by author Adam Makos, who told me on the red carpet that the reason he was able to bring Jesse’s story to life was a chance meeting with Jesse’s wingman Thomas J. Hudner Jr. A few years later actor Glen Powell came across the story and book and for six years it became his mission to get this story on the big screen,

I recently attended “Devotion’’ LA premiere and had the amazing opportunity to interview some of the cast and then view the movie. I chatted with Glenn Powell, Jonathan Majors, Joe Jonas, Christina Jackson, and director J.D. Dillard and their sentiments were all the same on why it was so important to each of them to not only be a part of the project but the importance of getting Jesse and Thomas’s story out to the world. 

The film was a true love letter from Jesse to his wife Daisy and a love letter from Jesse’s naval team to him. With the trials and tribulations that Jesse faced during the times, especially racism, Jesse still worked hard and made sure he was going to be a part of history.

As a history fan myself I found the movie refreshing  but emotional, captivating, sad but also amazed because I finally got the chance to learn about the hero Jesse L Brown!’

Devotion premieres during the Thanksgiving Holiday on November 23rd.