Do Revenge is Netflix’s latest film, a dark comedy set in the world of high school starring Camila Mendes (Riverdale) and Maya Hawk (Stranger Things) and directed by Jennifer Kaitlyn Robinson.

The plot of this film (inspired by Hitchcock’s Strangers on A Train) centers around a high school student named Drea (Mendes). She’s pretty, popular, and smart and even has the perfect boyfriend, Max, played by Austin Abrams (Euphoria). After a topless video of Drea is leaked that was only intended for Max, Drea feels ashamed and is ousted by the popular crowd where she meets Eleanor (Hawke), another outcast. Together they conspire to get revenge on those who wronged them.

The cast features actors from different multiverses of teen shows including Alisha Boe (Thirteen Reasons Why), Jonathan Daviss (Outer Banks), and Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel). This film also features fun cameos from Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) and Sarah Michelle Gellar as the headmistress.

We had the opportunity to interview Austin Abrams about his role in Do Revenge.

Check it out here:

Do Revenge premieres on Netflix Friday, September 16th.