One of the newest superhero shows to arrive on the CW is Naomi, created by Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship. Naomi, played by Kaci Walfall, takes you on an adventure of an outgoing, ambitious teenager discovering her new superhero power when Superman evades her hometown. Determined to find the truth about all these new powers, Naomi unlocks new family secrets affecting her relationship with her parents. As she learns her new powers, Naomi and her friends fight to protect her town and her family.

After a three week hiatus, Naomi is back on tonight with brand new episodes this week. Last episode, we see Naomi’s parents tell her the truth about how they adopted her and she finds out about being from Earth 29. Walfall talked about how it’s going to be weird because it’s something she didn’t expect. She states it was a big turning point in the series to figure out that her parents knew about where she was originally from.

Walfall says that the remainder of the season will have a lot of turning points. Each episode since the pilot, Walfall feels that fans get to see a different Naomi each episode from what she used to be. And they have to wait and see. Walfall revealed that the show recently wrapped up their first season and are officially on hiatus. She misses being on set already!

Naomi airs on Tuesdays at 9pm ET/ 6PM PT (8pm CT) on The CW network.

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