Do you need the perfect Rom Com just in time for Valentine’s Day? Or are you just fresh out of a recent break up and need a laugh? The new film “I Want You Back” is definitely a comedic must see.

We all know breakups suck – especially if you’re not the main one who initiated it or didn’t see that the end was coming. However, “I Want You Back” gives audiences a taste of how far someone in “love” might even go to get their significant other back; even if that means sabotaging their new relationship. One thing that pain can do is bring together the most unexpected people and make magic out of what you may have never expected. “I Want You Back” gives us a real insight as to how dating doesn’t always get easier when you’re older and that it’s important to not sacrifice your happiness, wants, and needs for anyone else.

I had the pleasure of interviewing leading stars Scott Eastwood and Clark Backo in the “I Want You Back” film that revealed what their ideal Valentine’s Day would be and if they would ever go to the extreme lengths that their characters portrayed in attempts to get their ex’s back. Scott Eastwood had a familiar and light hearted response that most audiences have probably heard either once or twice in their lifetime when asked how far he would go in attempting to get an ex back; which he stated, “As they say, all is fair in love and war.” This notorious line is something that’ll definitely ring true with viewers who watch the film unfold as the characters enter their own realm of love and war.

Eastwood and Backo shared laughs as they contemplated the different lengths as to how far they would go to get an ex back. Both stars agreed that it would strongly determine how the break up ended. Backo was firm on her perspective that she wouldn’t attempt to get an ex back or “grovel” over it if her significant other was the one to end the relationship. However, if she initiated the break up and believed she made a mistake, then she would definitely go pretty far in attempts on making it right. In her own words, she would “go all the way” for that person.

One thing is certain that an ideal Valentine’s Day for Eastwood and Backo isn’t doing something out of the ordinary. What would be the perfect Valentine’s Day for these stars? A surprise romantic getaway to another country is definitely at the top of their lists. And what can I say? I couldn’t agree with them more.

“I Want You Back” exclusively premieres on Amazon Prime Video this February 11th. You don’t want to miss this hilarious and heartfelt romantic comedy.