Ramon Reed is an actor known for his role as Young Simba in The Lion King Live, as well as his current role as Owen Blatt, in Disney’s American family comedy television series “Just Roll With It”. In addition, to his role on ‘Just Roll With It’ Ramon released his first music single ‘Santa’s Go Straight to the Ghetto’ on December 2nd.

We had the opportunity to talk to Ramon about his latest single and his role as Owen Blair on the Disney show “Just Roll With It”.

WTB: How is it playing Owen Blatt in Just Roll With It? What similarities do you personally have with your character?

RAMON: Playing Owen is a constant journey of learning who he is and how he handles certain situations. Owen is a very fun character to play and I love his rants. We are similar in ways such as a sense of style, positive energy and thriving to make great grades and good choices in life.

WTB: You have a single releasing on December 2nd titled “Santa Go Straight to the Ghetto.” What was the inspiration behind the title and what can we expect from this single?

RAMON: Well, the single is a cover which was originally created by James Brown. James Brown was a musical genius who loved entertaining his fans with great music. You can expect a modern arrangement; while still having that captivating sound of funk, soul, and groove that James Brown delivered.

WTB: You played Young Simba in The production of The Lion King on Broadway and National Tour. How did you mentally prepare to play one of Disney most iconic roles? Also, who’s your favorite character outside of Simba in The Lion King?

RAMON: The Lion King is such a high paced show both physically and mentally so it’s very important that your mind and body are in the best condition to deliver a good performance to the thousands of fans that love this production so much. What I usually did to mentally prepare was first pray, then I would warm up my body and the rest is most laughter with my cast mates because I find it important to just connect with the people you are working with before you get out there on the stage. Also My favorite character outside of Young Simba hands down is Scar.

WTB: Is there an actor or actress you want to meet that you haven’t met yet?

RAMON: The actor that I would literally pass out if I met would be Samuel L Jackson. His performances are always well thought out, filled with lessons, and captivating.

WTB: What are your top 5 Disney Movie and Tv Shows?

RAMON: My top 5 Disney movies and shows are Just Roll With It, Frozen II, Good Luck Charlie, Jessie, and Aladdin.

WTB: Who are some musicians that inspired you to create music?

RAMON: Musicians whom have inspired me are Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Anthony Hamilton, Aloe Blacc, Fantasia, Lizzo and many more.

WTB: If you could play another character from a different Disney show who would it be?

RAMON: I would definitely play Mr. Moseby from “The Suite Life on Deck”