After this film, you’ll reconsider any blind date!

Run Sweetheart Run takes you on the hunt of your life following the bloody night of a single mother, Cherie. After being convinced to go on a date with her boss’ client Ethan, her night takes a huge turn when she discovers Ethan is not just a charming businessman but a deadly womanizer. After getting away, she spends the rest of her night on the run in an endless game of cat-and-mouse as he hunts her by the stench of her blood.

I spoke to the woman on the run herself, Ella Balinska. She shared with me what she enjoyed most about playing Cherie.

“I would say being put in a place where I was invited to go to these emotional extremes, and encouraged so much by the generosity of Pilou’s performance, was something very fulfilling as an actor.”

I also got to talk to her worst nightmare, the man who plays Ethan, Pilou Asbæk. He talked about what led him to play Ethan.

“It had such a beautiful playfulness to it. It had so many scenes for me to go, oh here’s the psychopath, here is charming, is seductive. I had all these elements and I just thought it was so much fun.”

You can catch Run Sweetheart Run on Amazon Prime this Friday!